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NFL Off Season

''Gameday with the Dallas Cowboys'' Radio Show
New Radio Show Live at 8PM ET July 6th.
Corona'19 VS NFL... What Now?
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20 Years in the Making
Congratulations to Paydirt You're 20 years old! 38 seasons for our Madden league and in season 7 with the Action PC league. Quite a feat and to the best of our knowledge, our Madden league is the longest running in the world, being online and active since the beginning.

New Gameday with the DALLAS COWBOYS
On replay
Hosts: Len Barnhart, Mike Kleinneckt and Jeff Beyel. Concentrating on the Cowboys and the NFC East with a splash of the NFL overall

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Super Bowl LlV
How Did We Get Here?
  What's Wrong
With the Dallas Cowboys?
  The Evolving NFL
A Good Thing?
Jeff Beyel   Jeff Beyel   Jeff Beyel
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Paydirt's Madden'19 League
In its 38th season, the PFL has been in existence since the year 2000. To our knowledge, it is the oldest, longest running Madden league in the world. Compete with some of the best coach mode players on the web in a league that promises the most realistic gameplay Madden can offer. Head to head, online play.
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Paydirt's Action PC Football'19 League
A newer league than its Madden counterpart. What this game lacks in stunning graphics, it makes up for in sheer realism and in-depth GM and coaching ability. Draft rookies, sign free agents and call plays for your team in every game. Online since 2011. League seasons run from January to May with the off-season carrying through the rest of each year. Currently in season 7. Head to head online play.
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Rating the 2015
Draft Class
  NFL Draft
Every Pick 1-255
  Next Show: 4/22 at 8PM ET
Hosts: Jeff, Mike and Len
    updated during the NFL draft    

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NFL 2020 Draft:  Every Pick 1-255 - Updated Live


Rating the 2015 NFL Draft Class


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