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Check out our coach-mode Paydirt football leagues
and visit the links to a some great football
games, both tabletop and PC.

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Paydirt Leagues


Our Action PC Football Winter league, (the PAFL), uses the latest version of Action PC Football. Head to head and plays one season per real-life calendar year. Seasons: January - May.
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Our Madden'22 league is a coach-mode, head to head league that plays two seasons per real-life calendar year. Visit site  l  Apply to Join


Our Action PC Football Summer league, (the PSAFL), uses the latest version of Action PC Football. Head to head One season per real-life calendar
year. Seasons: June - October
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NFL Team Pages






Our Favorite Tabletop & PC Football



Football Pro (PC) was one of the greatest sports games of all time.  It's not quite dead yet. Visit some sites still devoted to this all-time great game


Big List of Football Games
List of PC and Tabletop Football Games


Statis Pro Football
(PC/TT) The perfect mix between realism and fun for tabletop[ football!


Action PC Football (PC)
Two of our leagues use it.  Nuff said!


Axis Football
Play on Steam!


Play games over the internet
using local multiplayer


EA used to have licensing rights
but no longer have that ability.
Should only get better now, right?


Team management football simulator




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