Paydirt Online Leagues


Madden'19 League: PFL

Check out our Madden'19 online, head to head, coach mode league and compete with some of the best coach-mode Madden players in the world. Paydirt Madden is the longest running Madden league in the world. Online since 2000, It's free to join! Visit the website

Action PC League: PAFL

Our original Action PC football league created in 2012. This is the thinking man's style of football game. What it lacks in beautiful graphics, it makes up for in realism. Currently in season 8, this is a head to head online league. Seasons run from Jan - April.  
It's free to join!
Visit the website

Action PC League: PSAFL

This is our newest league. Again, an Action PC Football league that starts play in the Spring of 2021 with a league draft. This league is very similar to the PAFL. Seasons run from June to November, so now you can play in a Paydirt Action PC Football league all year long. 
It's also free to join!
Visit the website


Stat Based PC Football Games


Front Office Football
Rated tops for simulation football. Manage 100% of your team including all personnel and coaching strategies. Compete in online leagues and take your team all the way!
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Tabletop/PC Football Games


4th Street Football

One of our favorites, 4th Street Football is in the same vein as Action PC Football, Football Fantasm and other tabletop/PC Football games. 4th Street has some unique aspects not seen in other football games and is high on our list for realism and sheer enjoyment. Visit their webiste

Statis Pro Football

Another of our favorites, Statis Pro Football has all the realism of real-life football without the lengthy learning curve. Yes, there are other tabletop games that go into deeper detail, but Statis Pro offers even the most diehard, stat obsessed, player a great time! They no longer have an official website but you can still shop for Statis Pro Football items.

Big List of Football Games

This is the big list of tabletop and PC football games. No, Madden won't be found on this list. This list is for those who want the best representaion of real life football available today. Check out the "Big List" here.

Imagine playing your Football Pro or 4th Street Football league game head to head as easily as you would if your opponent was sitting right next to you!  With Parsec's local multiplayer app, they say you can.
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