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Free Agents, Where Will they Land?

Every season PAFL GMs scurry frantically to acquire top talent and hidden gems in the Free Agent market. This year will be no different. Here is a look at some of those top assets as well as potential landing spots for each.

Quarterback: There is not much in this group but a few teams could use quality as a backup. The Buffalo Bills, coming off a Super Bowl appearance, have LeMar Jackson and his 376 throws. That could be good enough with the 5% boost (392) but he tossed it 413 times last year. They do not need a big time reserve so figure they look elsewhere. That leaves the Green Bay Packers who should be able to grab about the best they want here. Current starter Nick Mullins is not gonna get it done. Alex Smith won't either but at least it solve the problem.

Running back: 22 year old James Robinson is the crown jewel of this pool and will garner a tremendous amount of attention for sure. Robinson can run and catch as a 3 down back. A ton of teams need this commodity so this is likely going to get down to who has the money and if this is the type guy they want. The Packers need that QB but should have no problem signing Smith for a couple of million and still have the financial firepower to land Robinson.

David Johnson and Mike Davis. Interesting choices here. DJ is old but ran 150 times and caught 33 balls at an attractive 9.5 YPC. Davis, while not a front line runner, snared 59 at 6.3 YPC. Neither guy is a full time horse like Robinson but can fill a big role for sure. Carolina is seeking youth but might not have a choice here and a few others definitely have to have carries. Cincinnati needs a back badly as does New Orleans. I say Saints and Bengals get the two backs.

Wide Receiver: Not much stardom here but a number of players will draw attention. Hard to ignore Jaylen Guyton's and Tyron Johnson's big time numbers. Guyton caught 28 at 18.3 while Johnson checked in with 20 at 19.9! Both will get over-paid but supply some needed firepower over the year. Travis Fulgham with 38 receptions at 14+ and Cam Sims with 32 for over 14 YPC are guys teams can use for sure. All will get grossly overpaid and hard to say where any will end up. Atlanta, Carolina, Cincinnati, San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle all seem prime landing zones.

Tight End: Robert Tonyan (52/11.3) is the top target here and he will be on everyone's list. Arizona, Atlanta, Dallas, Green Bay, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, and Tennessee, to name a few!, all hurting at TE. Kansas City has the money to get this done depending upon how much Carolina wants the guy. Chiefs

T: No impact types here so this pool becomes of of speculation and need. Quite a few clubs need at least depth here so expect a lot of early buzz on Cam Fleming and Jordan Mailata as well as any spec types lurking in the list. While the big spenders focus on the skill players, here is where the smart early low ball shoppers excel.

G: Nate Herbig (7-7-9dur) is a legit above average guard and will draw the money. Who gets him? Could be anybody but I loom for a team like Denver or Detroit to pony up to get a player like this.

C: Not much here so expect this group to be ignored a bit except, again, for the bargain hunters early on.

DE: Ancient city here but if ya want Aldon Smith or Carlos Dunlap to give ya a bit of pass rush and decent run D here they are. These two will warrant money but how much? Mmmmmmm

DT. Empty position and little help here unless ya can find that hidden gem spec type.

OLB: Foye Oluokun will draw big time currency but here is Aldon Smith again! Smith gives flexibility to a team and should get paid. Oluokun is young and age always plays big in this league. Not sure who will spend the bucks on him though.

MLB: Oluokun fits the bill here and as an "LB" rated player his value is pretty high.

CB: Oh boy oh boy will money fly here. Few 9 rated CBs ever get to free agency so Darious Williams could get as much money thrown at him as any in the class. Bidding will get ridiculous for sure but there is only so much money one can spend. I think the Packers see this guy and drop everything to get him.

S: Donovan Wilson and DeShon Elliott re both pretty good and young. They will get plenty of dough tossed their way but, as safeties, probably not as much as one would think. Several teams need help here but got a feeling the Rams drop some serious coin to land one of these two.

PR/KR: two way guy Brandon Powell is a good item to have but the return game has diminished due to NFL rules so....

K: Kickers win games and Graham Gano, Ryan Succop, Rodrigo Blankenship, and Nick Folk all command value


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