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The Football Geek

Is Paydirt Ready for a Corona? Hold the Lime disease!

Okay, so - first, did you buy a hundred rolls of toilet paper this week or last? If so, you probably should have seen a doctor long before the Corona virus showed up.
What's the deal?
Is diarrhea a symptom of the Corona Virus? Of course not. So why buy all the toilet paper?
It's because people are afraid. They're panicked.
Take some of our league's team owners for example.

Doug Crandell has spent most of his isolation time with the wife. (you know what I mean), and in nine months he'll have a new son or daughter and around 2033 that child will become a quaran"Teen."

Rick Main is a special kind of germophobe and told his wife to "Wash her hands as if she was washing Jason Momoa. So she used her tongue. She is currently recovering nicely"

Joe Perry thinks now is a good time to play Where's Waldo.

Sean Comerford's Diary
DAY 1: I've stocked up on enough food and bottled water to last two years.
DAY 1, 3 hours later: I am in the supermarket. I wanted candy.

Dan Oakes is very, very sad. With the shortages of toilet paper, he can no longer eat his daily burrito from Chipolte.

Sean Comerford's Diary: Continued...
DAY 2: Still no sports.  I found a woman sitting on my couch today. Apparently, she's my wife.

Hank Sienzant, when his son asked him how long before it would all be over responded, "Shut up and eat your toilet paper!."

Bob Durfee asks, if the Corona virus isn't about beer, why do I keep hearing about cases of it?

Pete Katsafanas did not panic when they yelled "PANDEMIC".  But when they closed the bars? That's different.

Jeff Beyel was exposed to the virus. The Virus has been hospitalized and quarantined for a month.

Just some examples for you. Don't worry, the Corona virus was
made in China.  So it won't last long. Also, the Paydirt Football League has only 28 owners. Well below the gathering limit of 50.
So enjoy your time off. But be safe. Be logical. If you horde all the hand sanitizer, no one else can wash their own hands. Don't panic. Don't sell off your stocks. The market will bounce back. This too shall pass and all will be normal again.
Be Smart - Be Safe.
     the football geek

The State of the Union Onion

Yes, Onion.
Peel back the layers and what do we find?

Lots of changes to the league or should I say leagues since my last write up.
It would seem the Commissioner has annexed the Madden league and the Action sim league into the sovereign state of Paydirt Football NFL, with the NFL site lording over the two leagues like a kid at an ant hill with a magnifying glass. All this without a shot being fired.

Some say that the Paydirt Madden League was becoming too powerful and in danger of overtaking the Action league, that Commissioner Mike was beginning to give Commissioner Len a run for leadership, even maneuvering himself to eventually own 51% of Paydirt Action Stock; a move that would have given him total control of the company.

By annexing the Madden league and the Action league under the umbrella of Paydirt, Len has managed to place all league stock under the shared ownership of the cooperation LLC. This places it out of reach of Commissioner Mike. This in essence is what is called a hostile takeover.

Commissioner Len claims the move was done for the benefit of both leagues and should have been done much sooner, if not for the corruption of certain elements inside the Madden league, illegal gameplay infractions etc... it would have.

But is this true

It is rumored Commissioner Len asked for more information as to whether Commissioner Mike was involved in such corruption before signing a bill that would have given the needed assistance to Paydirt Madden. This as stated by some would have placed Commissioner Mike in a precarious situation and stripped him of the trust needed to eventually gain the upper hand.

Would it not have better served the Madden league and yes, even both leagues overall if Commissioner Len had offered the assistance to stifle corruption earlier instead of holding out until his own sinister moves could take place?
And so now the question is - What did he know and when did he know it?
Was there quid pro quo?

The PFL rules committee voted earlier this week to impeach the PAFL Commissioner on a vote of 66%. It will be up to the PAFL rules committee to vote to keep or dismiss a sitting commissioner. A vote of 65% is needed. When that vote will take place is currently unknown. The PFL rules committee as asking for more witnesses, something the PAFL committee is sternly against.

I for one disagree with Commissioner Len's description of all this being, "A sham and a witch hunt."



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