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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 1 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Its a new season! Good luck to all teams!

Ravens @ Bengals
The Black Birds welcome a new owner in Blitz. The Bengals hope to improve on last season and especially against the Ravens. Blitz's Black Birds sneak out a win in the 4th quarter in this one.
Ravens 20 Bengals 17

Panthers @ Falcons
Will Mac's Falcons attack the Panthers or will they fly the coup? Will the sleek black cats make a snack out of the birds? Falcons fly high in this one.
Falcons 21 Panthers 10

Redskins @ Giants
The skins are putting on a new war paint this season , something that wont run, when it rains. The G-men are looking to stomp on some tee-pees.
Giants 28 Redskins 17

Cardinals @ Rams
The Red Birds are looking to make a statement this season in the NFC West. The Rams are looking to stop them. Rams climb over the Cardinals in this one.
Rams 17 Cardinals 14

Jets @ Titans
The Jets had a hard time keeping air borne after the first part of the season last year. They hope they have the right mixture of fuel this season to keep flying high. The Titans under Bcreek still have HB C. Johnson and he will make the Jets defense crash.
Titans 28 Jets 21

Bucs @ Eagles
The Bucs hope to improve over last season and the Eagles are looking to overcome the Cowboys this season. The Eagles fly over the Bucs.
Eagles 20 Bucs 10

Packers @ Browns
The Packers invade Cleveland to take on the Brownies. The Dog Pound will be tougher on the Packers than the Brownies will.
Packers 30 Browns 20

49er's @ Jags
The Niners go looking to stake a claim and come away with a Cat's skin.
49er's 27 Jags 17

Raiders @ Cowboys
The Black and Silver are looking to give the Boys some black to go with their blue. Len is looking to repeat as division champ. Cowboys slip by the Raiders.
Cowboys 17 Raiders 14

Bills @ Texans
The Bills go into Houston and find the Texans are ready to rope and brand them. The Texans put a brand X on the buff's.
Texans 30 Bills 17

Bears @ Steelers
Mikes Steelers have been practicing all kinds of blitzes in the off season to offset the motion of fullbacks and tight ends. This will be a test for the Bears, as to if they will start with a growl or go into hibernation early.
Steelers start the Blitzkrieg machine again.
Steelers 28 Bears 10

Colts @ Seahawks
The feathers will fly in Seattle, as the Colts stampede into town.
Colts 21 Seahawks 17

Chiefs @ Patriots
Dahog vs Wiggy. The Chiefs scalp the minutemen in this one.
Chiefs 24 Patriots 20

Saints @ Dolphins
The Super Bowl champs will have to take on Jim's fish for their first game. The Saints find out how slippery those Dolphins can be.
Dolphins 28 Saints 17

Lions @ Vikings
Can the Vikings deal with the double headed monster the Lions have at WR? Can the Lions defense stop HB Peterson? This game will be close but the Vikes will control the ball longer with the run.
Vikings 21 Lions 14

Chargers @ Broncos
Jerry's Bolts hope to improve over last season. The Broncos will give the Bolts their first loss this season.
Broncos 14 Chargers 10

Good luck to all teams, and most of all have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles