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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 2 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Ok , Now that everyone is back in the groove of a new season and have seen what their teams are made of. Lets see how week 2 shapes up!

Cardinals @ Bears
The Redbirds tasted defeat in their first game , and the Steelers had a rug made out of the Bears hide last week. The Cardinals fly too fast for the Bears to get a bite in this one.
Cardinals 27 Bears 10

Lions @ Panthers
An early battle of the cats in this one. The Lions failed to bring down the Vikings last week and the Panthers lost against the Falcons. The Lions finally get their two headed monster at WR to come alive in this game as the Lions put the bite on the blackcats.
Lions 21 Panters 17

Jets @ Bills
The Jets slipped by the Titans and the Bills stampeded over the Texans last week. The Jets find the going tougher this week, as the Bills make it two in a row.
Bills 17 Jets 14

Chargers @ Steelers
It has been reported that Steelers owner Mike was seen laying out the new bear skin rug in his office last week. Jerry and his Chargers will invade steel town in hopes of getting their first win. Sorry Jerry the Bolts dont have enough juice and Mike will be hanging a picture of a Lightening Bolt in his office this week.
Steelers 28 Chargers 14

Dolphins @ Texans
Hey the Dolphins looked like salmon swimming up stream last week. The Texans welcome the Phins to the rodeo this week, but the fish keep slipping the rope in this one.
Dolphins 21 Texans 20

Saints @ Bucs
The Saints coach stood the test last week against the Dolphins. The Bucs looked impressive in their win against the Eagles. The Bucs will stop the Saints win streak a one. In an upset -----
Bucs 20 Saints 14

Bengals @ Titants
The stripped cats got their first win against first year coach Blitz and the Ravens last week. The Titans lost to the Jets. This will be a close game between two old friends. Bengals take this in the last seconds of the game.
Bengals 20 Titans 17

Redskins @ Falcons
The Redskins new war paint didnt work last week, as they still lost. Macs birds made it tough on the Panthers. The Redskins wont be getting any new feathers this week.
Falcons 30 Redskins 20

Chiefs @ Giants
The Chiefs had a let down last week and look to find some new scalps this week, but they will find it alot harder to scalp a Giant as it was a Patriot.
Giants step on the Chiefs.
Giants 17 Chiefs 14

Colts @ 49ers
The Colts ran over the Seahawks last week, while the Niners failed to make a claim against the Jags.
The Niners break those Colts this week.
49ers 24 Colts 21

Eagles @ Raiders
The Eagles couldnt get off the ground last week and the Raiders , well, look like the Raiders. Eagles soar to a win this week.
Eagles 27 Raiders 10

Rams @ Seahawks
The Rams looked tough last week, as the Hawks looked flat. Nothing changes this week.
Rams 21 Seahawks 10

Browns @ Ravens
Blitz and his Ravens got welcomed to the league by the Bengals last week with a loss. The Brownies will be taking a house warming gift to the Ravens this week. The Ravens get some dog bisquits.
Browns 14 Ravens 12

Cowboys @ Broncos
The Cowboys got a win last week against the same ol' Raiders , but Frob's Broncos wont be so easy to ride this week. The Boys go down in this one.
Broncos 24 Cowboys 17

Packers @ Vikings
The Vikings rode HB Peterson to a win last week,(what else is new) as the Pack slipped by the Brownies. The Norsemen make it two in a row as Peterson runs wild.
Vikings 30 Packers 20

Jags @ Patriots
The Jags upset the Niners last week as the Patriots looked tough in their win. The Minutemen reload this week and take down the cats.
Patriots 28 Jags 17

As always good luck and have fun!
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