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Season XXIII Week 3 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

So far in the first two weeks of the season there have been some surprises. Some teams have showed improvement, others have fell from grace and there has even been one tie early on. All is due to the wide variety of good owners in the PFL. Now on to week #3.

Seahawks @ Jags
The Hawks had the tie last week versus the Rams. The Jags lost to the Wig's tough Patriots in week 2. The Jags will get back on the winning track this week .
Jags 30 Seahawks 20

Rams @ Titans
The Titans tamed the Bengals last week , while the Rams fought to a tie with the Seahawks. Jim's Titans ride the legs of HB C. Johnson as the Rams get their first loss of the season.
Ttians 21 Rams 17

Bucs @ Jets
The Bucs were unable to handle the Saints last week and the Jets couldnt corral the Bills in week 2. The Jets have incresed their fuel octane this week.
Jets 20 Bucs 17

Bills @ Panthers
The Bills and their new owner are stirring up some dust so far this season winning their first two games, while the Panthers showed the Lions last week how a big cat should attack. Too many Buffalo chips for the Panthers to over come this week.
Bills 27 Panthers 14

Chiefs @ Bengals
After a win over the Ravens in week one, the Bengals were caged last week by the Titans. The Chiefs collected their first scalp of the season against the Giants. With Booey's scalp hanging on Da hogs belt the Chiefs ride into Cincy and Hoggie picks up a stripped pelt for his tee-pee.
Chiefs 20 Bengals 10

Bears @ Ravens
Both teams are 0-2 to start the season. The Bears having two tough opening games, while the Ravens are experiencing growning pains with a new coach and players. The Black birds finally break thru as they catch the Bears hibernating this week.
Ravens 17 Bears 14

Broncos @ Redskins
The Redskins clipped the Falcons wings in week two as the Broncos couldnt be broken by the Cowboys. The Redskins try to ride the Ponies this week but cant hang on.
Broncos 28 Redskins 14

Steelers @ Raiders
The Steelers are down on sacks so far, but they wont need any in this game. I cant bare to watch this one, as the yellow towels cover up all the black and silver in Oakland.
Steelers 30 Raiders 17

Saints @ Cardinals
The Saints are marching strong so far, and the Red birds have started out 1-1. Feathers will fly as the Saints take win #3.
Saints 21 Cardinals 14

Gaints @ Eagles
The Giants failed to stand tall against the Chiefs last week while the Eagles flew past the Raiders. The Eagles will take advantage of homefield advantage and QB Brees will keep the Giants off balance. Booey loses two in a row.
Eagles 24 Giants 17

49ers @ Texans
Its crunch time for the Niners. The Texans have lost their first two games so far. The Niners go into Houston and pull out a tough win.
49ers 14 Texans 13

Cowboys @ Chargers
Surgery needed to fix face
Barnhart Perplexed

The Cowboys couldnt break the Broncos last week as Coach Len was seen on the sidelines making all kinds of faces as he was yelling at his assistants to find the rule book. The Chargers coach Jerry is a veteran face maker and will show Len how it is done this week, but face making doesnt win games. Cowboys get by the Bolts.
Cowboys 21 Chargers 20

Packers @ Falcons
The Falcons host the cheese heads and will send the Pack back to Green Bay with a loss as the Falcons collect win # 2.
Falcons 20 Packers 10

Colts @ Dolphins
This will be the game of the week as the Colts try to push their record to 3-0. The fish rebounded last week after falling to the Saints in week one. Jim's fish will hand the Colts their first loss of the season.
Dolphins 21 Colts 17

Good luck to all!
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