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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 6 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Dolphins @ Panthers
The Phins swam past the Jets last week , while the Panthers clawed the Niners. The Panthers try their luck at home this week against the Dolphins but come up short.
Dolphins 24 Panthers 12

49ers @ Vikings
The Vikings whipped up on the Lions last week to keep a firm hold on first in their division, while the Niners have "picked" their way to the bottom of their division. The Niners keep digging their hole deeper this week.
Vikings 20 49ers 14

Redskins @ Eagles
The Redskins rode into battle backwards against the Saints last week, while the Eagles swooped down and plucked a win from the Cowboys in their game. Hank's braves go looking for some new feathers this week but come back empty handed.
Eagles 17 Redskins 10

Titans @ Bills
Jim's Titans are in the mist of a losing streak , and are looking to pick up a win, while the Bills are running strong and undefeated. The Titans go into Buffalo and the only thing they will pick up is Buffalo chips.
Bills 30 Titans 17

Falcons @ Saints
The Falcons couldnt get off the ground last week, while the Saints keep marching on. The Falcons get tangled up in the Saints feet as they keep high stepping it in their division.
Saints 27 Falcons 21

Ravens @ Chiefs
The Ravens go into Kansas City and lose some more tail feathers. The Chiefs add the feathers to their head dress.
Chiefs 21 Ravens 14

Texans @ Jags
The Texans havent won a game yet. While the Jags are holding down second place in their division. This is the week the boys from Houston break thru.
Texans 17 Jags 16

Lions @ Seahawks
Detroits lions have turned into kitty kats so far. The Seahawks are flying high in first in their division. Lions finally turn their meow into a growl this week, putting the bite on the Hawks.
Lions 24 Seahawks 20

Patriots @ Steelers
A top match up this week, as both teams need the win to keep control of their divisions. The Patriots go into Pittsburgh with musketts blazing, but the balls just bounce off the "steel curtain".
Steelers 21 Patriots 17

Bears @ Packers
The Bears go into Green Bay looking for lunch, and all they find is cheese. No salmon no lunch for the Bears. Packers take this one.
Packers 28 Bears 17

Cowboys @ Bucs
How will the Boys react to the loss last week against the Eagles? And guess who the Bucs beat for their only win so far? Yep the Eagles. So who wins this one? Alot of questions, but the Cowboys come thru with the answers.
Cowboys 20 Bucs 14

Raiders @ Giants
The Giants got a nice win last week, while the Raiders fell to the Ravens. The Giants keep pace with the Cowboys by taking the win.
Giants 30 Raiders 24

Browns @ Chargers
The Brownies go into to San Diego, and face a new team this week, as Jerry and his Chargers got their first win last week . Jerry celebrated all week and told everyone who would listen. And to add to all the celebration, Jerry even got a hair cut! My side kick and Jerry's buddy "Monkey" says Chargers get win # 2.
Chargers 24 Browns 21

Rams @ Cardinals
The battle continues in the NFC west as these two teams try to keep pace with the Seahawks. The Rams climb above the red birds in this one.
Rams 17 Cardinals 13

Have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles