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Around The League w7
By Leonard Barnhart
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Game of the Week

The Dolphins have the advantage with Nicholas Hatzis earning a 103.1 rating. This guy does not throw interceptions (12 TD 3 Ints). He's thrown for over 1400 yards. But he has a weakness. He's only completed 48% of his passes. Like Hatzis, Hunter (Bills), is solid in spite of his age. But he too is lacking in completion%.
Advantage: Dolphins.

The Running Game
C.J. Spiller is the main force in Buffalo, averaging 4.75 ypc. He's carried the ball 103 times for 489 yards. While The Dolphins run the ball just a little more, Ingram does not possess the breakaway talent.
Advantage: Bills.

Simple...stop Dylan Hatzis and you stop the Dolphins through the air. The question is, can he be stopped? Otherwise, these teams are very similar in this area with the exception of the Dolphins relying on their Tightend (Fasano) more than the Bills do their Tightend who only has 6 catches on the season.
Advantage: Tied.

These teams are very similar on defense with the Dolphins racking up a few more sacks than the Bills. But here's the kicker...Look out for CB House (Dolphins). He has 3 Ints on the year and is always around the ball. The Dolphins mix it up and have the ability to get aggressive and when you least expect them to.
Advantage: Dolphins

Offense: Dolphins 3rd Bills 9th
Defense: Bills: 18th Dolphins 19th

Pick: This is a game deserving of Game of the Week. Look for the Dolphins to pull this one out in an upset with an exciting finish, 27 - 23
Injuries: Backup Buffalo DT Sims.2 weeks


Around the League
Chargers lead the league in passing yards but are 1-5. Run the ball Jerry. Let Rivers win those games he's so capable of doing when the pressure isn't all on him.

The Lions continue to struggle after a great season last year. At 0-5 when will they get their first? ... and who will give it to them? Will it be you?

Adrian Peterson...He's leading in rushing yrds. There'd be something wrong if he wasn't.

49er's TE Davis leads the league in receptions with 36. Better bring a safety in to cover him. But watch out for them to open it up with some streaks if you do.

Dolphins: Dylan Hatzis is on pace to get well over 2000 yards. Somebody stop him!

Youngster Clay, (Cowboys), leads the league with 6 sacks. My my...how things have changed with sacks this year.

Kansas City: Pete (Im not a crook) Nixon leads in INts with 6. He's stealing those things right out of the air.

Is the MVA coming back as a classic teams league? If So, can I have the '92 Cowboys?
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Paydirt Football League Articles