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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 8 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Colts @ Jags
The Colts lost to the Texans last week and will travel to Jacksonville this week to try and get back on the winning track. The Jags have fallen to 2-4, soon to be 2-5.
Colts 21 Jags 14

Raiders @ Jets
The black and silver out of Oakland won their second game of the season last week, while the Jets crashed and burned in New Orleans. The Jets get back on the right runway this week.
Jets 28 Raiders 20

Falcons @ Bills
Mac's Falcons are an up and down team, but always seem to pull an upset during the season. The Bills are the surprise team of the year so far. With the Bills making the Dolphins look like minnows last week, they will continue to be the" thundering herd" this week.
Bills 20 Falcons 10

Ravens @ Browns
In a rivalry game in the Central division, the Ravens 2-4 travel to Cleveland 2-4 to see who will climb out of the cellar. Feathers fly in the dog pound !
Browns 17 Ravens 13

Bucs @ Redskins
"Buck's Bucs", has a nice ring to it. The pirates of Tampa Bay make the Skins walk the plank this week.
Bucs 21 Redskins 13

Patriots @ Dolphins
This is one of the top games this week. The minutemen of New England have only been showing up for that long in three of their last four games. It's been rumoured that Ace Ventura "pet detective" has been hired to see why the Dolphins are having problems. The Patriots forget to bring their ammo to Miami.
Dolphins 23 Patriots 17

Lions @ Bears
Tigers , Lions and Bears Oh My! Well two out of three anyway. "Oompa Loompas" thats the sound made when a Bear stomps on a Lion.
Bears 27 Lions 14

Panthers @ Eagles
The Eagles lost some tail feathers last week to the Cowboys, but will take flight this week against the Panthers.
Eagles 17 Panthers 10

Titans @ Texans
Boths teams had upset wins last week, with the Titans taking down the Patriots and the Texans riding and putting the Colts away wet. The Texans will not be able to lasso HB Johnson , so Titans run past the Texans.
Titans 21 Texans 20

Chiefs @ Chargers
The Chiefs are tied in their division for first place with the Broncos. Has Jerry finally seen the light, when it comes to pass and run offense? Na, it was only a lightening bolt flash in the night. Chiefs edge out the Bolts
Chiefs 13 Chargers 12

Giants @ Packers
The G-men are right in the thick of things with the Eagles and Cowboys. The only thing keeping the Pack out of the cellar in their division is the Lion den.
Giants 27 Packers 17

Vikings @ Rams
While the Vikings had a tiger by the tail last week, the Rams were being smashed by the Giants. The Vikings are looking for some new horns for their helmets this week.
Vikings 20 Rams 12

49ers @ Cardinals
Which team has had the most surprising season as far as going backwards? The Niners have dug themselves a hole they cant get out of, while the Cardinals have alot of ruffled feathers. The red birds fly over the Niners.
Cardinals 14 49ers 13

Bengals @ Broncos
In another of the top match ups of this week, the Bengals have to travel to Denver to take on Frob and his Broncos. The Bengals clawed and mauled the Vikings last week , while the Broncos got lit up by the Chargers. The thin air in Denver takes the bite out of the Bengals.
Broncos 27 Bengals 21

Good luck to all, and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles