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Around The League w10
By Leonard Barnhart
Special to paydirtfootball.com

As expected, the Broncos took down the Browns last week. But looking at the stats I'm wondering just what it was they did to win the game, which looked to be a bit of a snoozer.
The Chiefs game against the Raiders last week was different. All I can say is, "Oh My." Donovan McNabb burned the Chief's ass for 361 yards and a 105.3 rating. But this week, Chiefs LLB, Demorrio Williams will be back to anchor that side of the defense. He is smart and can also cover.
This is this week's Game of the Week for one reason...If the Chiefs can pull this one out both teams will be 6-3 and tied at the top of the AFC West. If the chiefs lose, they will never catch the Broncos. For the Chiefs to win, they will need Jamaal Charles to come through. A clock-eating approach is what they'll have to do to slow down the Broncos passing attack. If they can keep it close to the end then anything can happen. And for god's sake...keep the game off the shoulders of QB: Da Hog. (WHF?) This just in...he stinks!
My Pick: Denver runs away with it, 31-17

What do teams with losing records like the Ravens, 49ers, Browns, Packers and Rams have to look forward to? They all still get to play the Lions.

For our honored undefeated teams, the Saints and Bills. The Saints will lose in week 11 to the Vikings, but they will defeat the Bills in week 16. Neither team will go undefeated.

The Lions are going to turn it around. Oh wait, they've already done that. "Pull yer pants up guys."

Teams that should make the playoffs, but won't: Dallas, Dolphins, Bears, Packers, 49ers and Rams.

Drew Brees is why the Eagles hold control of the NFC East. And he leads the league in passing yards with 2381.

Adrian Peterson will break 1000 yards this week. That puts him on pace to have 2000 by season's end.

(The following point is made to find a way to make the Redskins meaningful)

Redskins RT Jammal Brown leads the league in pancakes with 80...way to represent!

Lamar Woodley leads the Steelers in sacks with 7. That puts him on pace to have 14 or 15 by season's end. ..much more realistic.

Three out of five of the top players in receptions are Tightends and four out of the top seven.

The Lions covet the Redskins record of 1-8.
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Paydirt Football League Articles