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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 10 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Saints @ Cowboys
The Saints are marching toward Dallas , while the Cowboys are circling the wagons. There are no happy trails for the Boys this week.
Saints 30 Cowboys 17

Rams @ Bears
The Rams have lost three in a row, while the Bears are enjoying a winning streak. The Bears keep chasing the Vikes as they bite the Rams.
Bears 21 Rams 14

Browns @ Colts
The Brownies are holding down 3rd place in their division, as the Colts are atop theirs. Their is not enough bite in the Dog Pound to stop the Colts.
Colts 28 Browns 14

Raiders @ Bengals
The rag tag and patched up Bengals keep pulling out games but their stripes are fading fast. The Raiders pounded the Chiefs in their last game. The Bengals find a way to scratch out another win, despite the injuries.
Bengals 20 Raiders 17

Eagles @ Lions
The Eagles fly into Pontiac to meet the lions. The Lions are very hungry for a win. After losing to the Bengals last week in overtime, they are not only hungry but very mad. In an upset the Lions clip the wings of the Eagles.
Lions 24 Eagles 21

Dolphins @ Bucs
The Fish have lost two in a row, but the loses came against the Patriots and the Bills. The Bucs are trying to find some type of consistancy. The Dolphins looking to get rid of some frustration, and the Bucs just happen to be handy.
Dolphins 27 Bucs 12

Seahawks @ Cardinals
Big division game here. The Cardinals took out the Titans last week while the Seahawks had only their second loss of the season last week. There will be a whole lot of bird do do in this one. Since the Hawks are the bigger of the winged species, they will take out the red birds.
Seahawks 20 Cardinals 10

Vikings @ Packers
The Vikes are on a mission and have only stumbled once so far this season. While the Cheese heads in Green Bay are getting frustrated with the Pack. The Purple People Eaters, snack on some cheese this week.
Vikings 28 Packers 14

Ravens @ Jags
Edgar Allen Poe often favored the Raven, but the Jags could care less, as they welcome the black birds to dinner of which they are the main course.
Jags 20 Ravens 10

Patriots @ Falcons
The Patriots will take target practice in Atlanta.
Patriots 30 Falcons 20

Broncos @ Chiefs
This game has Frob going up against the Hog. The Chiefs need the win to tie up the divisional lead. As QB Orton goes so goes the Broncos. The Chiefs are use to catching and riding horses.
Chiefs 21 Broncos 20

Giants @ Chargers
The Giants are making it interesting in the NFC East this season. Jerry's Chargers just can find that ligthening in a jar this season.
Giants 21 Chargers 12

Steelers @ Texans
The Steelers squeaked out a win over the Ravens last week, while the Texans lost to the Colts. Will Mike and the Steelers be looking past the Texans to next weeks match up against their rival the Bengals? The reports coming out of Pittsburgh via news reporters is that the Steelers are not having much luck and their defensive backs can't jump. The Texans have been practicing throwing the ball high all week to their receivers. Doesnt help the cause.
Steelers 24 Texans 14

Panthers @ Jets
The Jets have found the right altitude the last couple of games, while the Panthers are still lying low. The Jets land on the Panthers this week.
Jets 17 Panthers 10

Good luck to everyone and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles