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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 11 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Bucs @ Panthers
The Bucs were held to 3 pts while giving up 37 to the Phins. Seems Bucko hasnt established himself yet in Tampa. Some rumours were out that the Bucs lost on "porpoise" :D The Panthers downed the Jets in their last game but are still way behind the Saints in their division. The Panthers will jump all over the Bucs.
Panthers 27 Bucs 14

Falcons @ Cowboys
Len's Boys are fading fast in their division and the Falcons have had their wings clipped alot this season. Mac's birds go into Dallas and collect another loss.
Cowboys 20 Falcons 17

Jags @ Rams
The Rams have lost four in a row, while the Jags have been struggling all season also. The Rams butt their way to a win in this one.
Rams 17 Jags 14

Browns @ Bears
The Brownies cant get anything going this season, it seems the Dog Pound has run out of bones. After winning five straight, the Bears are giving serious chase to the Vikings. Bears maul the Browns.
Bears 28 Browns 17

Lions @ Ravens
Whats up with the" Pontiac Pussy Cats "? The bet going around now is will Glen win a game this season. The black birds from Baltimore have only recorded three wins so far, so Blitz hopes his team wont be the first win for the Lions. The law of averages has got to catch up to Glen sooner than later, Lions get their first win.
Lions 21 Ravens 20

Raiders @ Chiefs
After losing a close one last week, the Raiders hope to rebound against the rival Chiefs. Hoggie's Chiefs were on the war path last week, bare backing the pony's from Denver. The Chiefs have a "raiding" party of their own.
Chiefs 31 Raiders 20

Bills @ Patriots
The Bills continue to stampede thru the league, while the Patriots are getting lost in the dust and slip on all the buffalo chips.
Bills 24 Patriots 17

Jets @ Dolphins
The Jets went into a nose dive last week, while the Fish fed on the Bucs. The Jets wont pull out of the dive this week.
Dolphins 21 Jets 14

Eagles @ Giants
This will be the game of the week, the Eagles and Giants are tied in their division at 7-2. The team whose quarterback has the best game will win this one. The G-Men have won six straight, while the Eagles have collected 5 of 6 wins. Ill have to fip a coin on this one, Eagles won the toss.
Eagles 23 Giants 22

Vikings @ Saints
The Vikings invade New Orleans and find out their "Capital One" card is not accepted on bourbon street.
Saints 20 Vikings 17

Colts @ Broncos
Battle of the Pony's. The Colts won last week to keep a lock on 1st in their division, while the Broncos lost to fall into a tie with the Chiefs for 1st. The Broncos will trail the Chiefs after this week.
Colts 17 Broncos 13

Titans @ 49ers
Nothing to say here but "Yawn" :|
Titans 10 49ers 7

Seahawks @ Packers
The Seahawks continued to win last week, while the Pack fell to the Vikings. The Hawks keep flying toward the playoffs.
Seahawks 20 Packers 13

Chargers @ Redskins
The Chargers are 2-7 and the Redskins are 1-8, these two teams are battling for a top pick in the draft. Jerry takes care of Hank in this one.
Chargers 17 Redskins 14

Steelers @ Bengals
Mikes Steelers are upset over the injury of LB Woodley, and are going into Cincy where the Bengals are well aware of what injuries can do to a team. In this rivalry, it doesnt make any difference who has what injuries. The Steelers slip by the Bengals in this one.
Steelers 21 Bengals 20

Texans @ Cardinals
The Texans upset the Steelers last week while the Cardinals lost to the Seahawks in a divisional game. The Boys from Houston will cage the red birds.
Texans 21 Cardinals 17

Good luck to all teams and lets have fun!
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