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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 12 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Redskins @ Cowboys
Hank and the skins were a victim of Jerry's bolts last week, while the boys from Dallas slipped by the Falcons. The Cowboys get the best of Hank's painted up warriors in this one.
Cowboys 20 Redskins 12

Browns @ Lions
So will Glens purrrfect season be ruined this week? Will the Brownies fall in Pontiac? Every time i have picked the Lions , they let me down. Glen's perfect record stays intact.
Browns 17 Lions 14

Packers @ Rams
The Pack and Rams both pulled out a win last week, but it seems as both teams have played their way out of being in contention this season.
The Packers pack it in for this game.
Rams 24 Packers 20

Giants @ Bucs
The Giants lost a close one last week to the rival Eagles, while the Bucs were falling deeper into the abyss in their division. The Giants rebound this week against the Buckster.
Giants 27 Bucs 17

Jags @ Colts
The Colts are running strong in their division, while the Jags need a win bad. The Jags will have to wait for that win. Colts kick the Jags around.
Colts 30 Jags 20

Texans @ Titans
The Titans beat the Niners last week, but who hasnt? The Texans need a win to keep pace with the Colts in their division. Texans keep pressing ahead.
Texans 21 Titants 20

Eagles @ Saints
The Eagles got a big win against the Giants last week, as the Saints were barely getting by the Vikings. Are the Saints wearing down? The Eagles go into New Orleans and come away with the win.
Eagles 21 Saints 20

Falcons @ Panthers
The Falcons and Panthers are playing for pride. The Panthers gain some dignity.
Panthers 14 Falcons 10

Bengals @ Bears
The Bengals lost a tough one last week against the Steelers. While the Bears were shocked by the Browns. The Bears come roaring back to hand the Bengals another loss.
Bears 20 Bengals 17

Dolphins @ Patriots
Both teams have failed to keep pace with the Bills, and the Patriots have run out of ammo. The Fins take this one.
Dolphins 28 Patriots 17

Bills @ Jets
Looks like the Bills have what it takes to run the table. They have talent, coaching and lady luck. The Jets cant handle all three.
Bills 27 Jets 17

Raiders @ Broncos
The Broncos have lost their last two games to tumble from the top of their division. Will Frob handle the pressure? The Raiders are up and down, and have nothing to lose. Broncos lose number three in a row.
Raiders 21 Broncos 20

Seahawks @ 49ers
The Seahawks will continue to lead their division, as the Niners will continue to occupy the cellar.
Seahawks 24 49ers 13

Vikings @ Cardinals
The Vikings let the Saints off the hook last week and go into Arizona looking to make up for it. Cardinals fall further behind the Seahawks.
Vikings 28 Cardinals 10

Chargers @ Chiefs
The lightening was flashing last week as the bolts struck a nerve in the Redskins. The Chiefs will ground the Chargers this week.
Chiefs 30 Chargers 27

Steelers @ Ravens
Blitz's Ravens have won two in a row, and came close to beating the Steelers three weeks ago. This week they have Mike's steel curtain at home. Ravens slip by the Steelers.
Ravens 14 Steelers 13

Have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles