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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 14 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

49ers @ Rams
The Niners are done for the season, while the Rams are hanging on by their hoofs behind two games of division leading Seahawks. The Rams over the Niners in this one.
Rams 21 49ers 17

Eagles @ Redskins
The Eagles are number one in the rankings this week, with a 10-2 record and looks like the rest of their schedule will be favorable for them. Hank's Skins will play tough the first half, but fall prey to the Eagles talons in the end.
Eagles 30 Redskins 17

Ravens @ Vikings
The Ravens have flown the coup this season as they are holding down last place in the AFC North. The Vikings feel the Bears nipping at their heels in their division. The Vikings feast on fowl this week.
Vikings 27 Ravens 17

Jets @ Colts
The Jets have pulled off some "magic" the last couple of weeks and have moved into a second place tie with the Dolphins. The Colts stumbled, fell and got ran over by the Cardinals and their new coach last week. Colts are battered and bruised and take another beating this week.
Jets 24 Colts 14

Saints @ Panthers
The Saints clipped the wings of the Falcons last week while the Panthers chewed up the Bucs. The Saints march over the black cats this week.
Saints 30 Panthers 14

Jags @ Titans
The Jags fell to the Phins last week, while the Titans lost to the Seahawks. These two teams are both just trying to stay out of the cellar in their division.
Titans 14 Jags 13

Packers @ Bears
The Cheese heads travel into hostile terrritory this week to take on the hungry Bears who are close behind the Vikings in the division.The Packers are doing the hibernating this season, not the Bears.
Bears 20 Packers 10

Falcons @ Giants
This has not been a good season for Mac's Falcons , while Booey's Giants seem to be running out of gas chasing the Eagles. Could there be an upset in the making here for the Falcons? Giants escape with a win.
Giants 21 Falcons 20

Bengals @ Browns
This rivarly is never nice, with the Bengals pulling out a win in the last seconds in their first meeting. The Bengals have lost several of their stripes in the last three weeks. The Browns lost to the Raiders last week. The Browns take this one from the Bungles this week.
Browns 21 Bengals 17

Chiefs @ Cowboys
The Chiefs massacred the Texans last week, while the Cowboys lost a hard fought game against the Vikes. The Chiefs have been hanging around in Texas all week dancing around the campfire and applying war paint just for Len's Cowboys. Meanwhile Len has started up a new business in Dallas, a "custard" stand. Oh,. i know where this his headed.
Chiefs 30 Cowboys 17

Dolphins @ Bills
In the Matchup game of the week, this is a biggie for both teams. The Bills stomped the stripes out of the Bengals last week, while the Dolphins pounded on some cats themselves. Will Jim's Phins corral the Buffs this week or will the Bills continue to rumble on to the playoffs? The Bills are too tough to tame.
Bills 27 Dolphins 20

Chargers @ Raiders
The Chargers fell victim to the Eagles last week and the Raiders pulled out a win against the Browns. In a divisional game that has no bearing on anything other than pride, the Chargers sneak by the black and silver.
Chargers 17 Raiders 16

Broncos @ Steelers
The Broncos need a win this week to hold off the Chiefs in their division, while the Steelers have claimed the top spot in their division, and wont give it up. Frob doesnt have enough throughbreds to run this race.
Steelers 30 Broncos 21

Bucs @ Seahawks
Bucs take down the Hawks in this one.
Bucs 20 Seahawks 17

Cardinals @ Lions
Just when the Lions get on a win streak, along comes a new Cards owner who whips up on some top teams his first two weeks. Bad news for the boys from Pontiac. The Lions will be seeing red and alot of it.
Cardinals 28 Lions 14

Texans @ Patriots
The Texans were scalped by the Chiefs last week, while the Patriots were welcomed to the mile high club by the Jets last week. The Patriots reload this week.
Patriots 21 Texans 12

Have fun everyone!
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