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Around the League wk14
By Leonard Barnhart
Special to paydirtfootball.com

GAME of the WEEK

Mallet is the Panthers starting QB and can be rattled. Pressure from the Lbs can force him into mistakes, but so far he's been clean with only 4 Ints on the year, but his completion % is low at 46.5%. The Panthers best plan of attack will be RB Stewert who is averaging 5 ypc against an average Saints defensive line. Key matchup along the lines: LT Gross (Panthers) nullifies impact of RE Smith.

Colt montana is having a great season and has all the weapons to score a lot of points. Look for the Panthers to get a heavy dose of Reggie Bush While Henderson and Colston do just enough to keep the Panthers defense honest. This should be an easy win for the Saints. The Panthers do not have the secondary to hold off the Saints running game and at the same time keep the Saints WRs from running crazy in the secondary. Injuries: LB Kindle is slated to return for the Saints
Pick: Saints 34-21

Texans at Chiefs
8:20 PM (End of first quarter).
0-6 Chiefs. Greg is holding on but down 6 points. Makes small adjustment in offensive gameplan.
8:45 PM (end of first half).
The score is 14-0 Chiefs, and Greg is flipping through the pages of his offensive gameplan, hoping to put together a better strategy for the 2nd half.
9:10 PM (end of 3rd quarter).
Score is 28-0 Chiefs. Greg is beginning to doubt his ability as an offensive play-caller.
9:40 PM (after the game).
Greg types in hurried "gg" and disconnects from the game only to discover he'd been using the Packers playbook. Cleans 20 gauge shotgun while finishing off a fifth of Jerry's moonshine. Realizes he needs to buy shells for the weapon. Decides he'll try using Eagles playbook for the next game. Puts shotgun back in the closet.

Last week's game of the week pick proved to be a good one with the Vikings and Cowboys going into overtime 31-31. The Vikings pulled it out with the game winning field goal. When asked after the game how he felt about the loss, Len said, "I thought it would look bad for the creator of the PFL to win such an important game and possibly go to the playoffs after only 22 seasons. Team owners expect key organization personnel to be completely honest and I didn't want any doubt about my integrity in this area so I took the loss on purpose to avoid suspicion of cheating. Maybe after 30 seasons I can comfortably put all I can into winning the big one...yup, that's it"

The Eagles and Saints continue to roll and I expect the two teams to be in the NFC Championship game for rights to play in Super Bowl XXIII. Drew Brees (Eagles) and Colt Montana (Saints) are the top rated QBs in the PFL. WR Maclin (Eagles) lead the PFL in receptions (72). Saints RB, Reggie Bush is second only to Peterson in rushing yards.

Surprise team of the year...Bills. Biggest disappointment (49ers).

After winning 2 games in a row, Glen took his team out for a party by the river.
Around midnight a voice echoed from the river's opposite side. "One Jr varsity player can whip 10 Detroit Lions players"
Glen laughed and ordered 10 of his team's best players to swim across the river and told them to "Take care of business."
An hour later, when his players had not returned, the voice came again. "One Jr. varsity player can whip 20 Detroit Lions players."
By now, Glen is very angry and chooses his remaining twenty best players to swim across the river and whip his ass.
When the voice comes again, and his 20 players had not returned either, the voice said, "One Jr. varsity player can whip the whole damned Detroit Lions team!"
Glen and the rest of the team started to swim across the river to settle this once and for all.
Halfway across, Glen was met by WR Calvin Johnson swimming back. He was screaming, "GO BACK! GO BACK! IT'S A TRICK. THERE'S TWO OF THEM!!!"

Injury Update
20 teams have players who are injured. Some teams have multiple injuries and some are long term. Very realistic! Good job, Jim.

That's it for this week. See ya in week 15

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