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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIII Week 15 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Dolphins @ Browns
The Phins showed the Bills last week they arent done yet. The Browns lost a mistake prone game against the Bengals. Dolphins take this one from the Brownies.
Dolphins 27 Browns 14

Titans @ Chargers
The Titans go against Jerry's Chargers and make it close but the Bolts win in the end.
Chargers 20 Titans 17

Bengals @ Ravens
The Bengals need this win against the division rival Ravens. The Ravens are still getting their new coach use to the PFL, and play the cats tough, but cant pull out the win.
Bengals 17 Ravens 13

Colts @ Bills
The Colts lost to the high flying Jets last week, while the Bills were reduced to fish food in their last game. Colts run faster than bison.
Colts 21 Bills 20

Panthers @ Patriots
The Panthers cant catch the Saints in their division and the minutemen have fallen into the cellar of the AFC East. The Patriots try to crawl out over the black cats.
Patriots 24 Panthers 21

Texans @ Rams
The Texans are sticking close to the Colts while the Rams are holding down third in their division. The Rams put more distance between the Texans and Colts.
Rams 21 Texans 14

49ers @ Eagles
The Niners have had a disappointing season, and the Eagles wont make them feel any better this week.
Eagles 30 49ers 17

Bucs @ Saints
Buck's Bucs wont even get close to the Saints. Saints celebrate on bourbon street again.
Saints 38 Bucs 14

Cowboys @ Giants
After the Cowboys lost their scalps to the Chiefs last week, they now have to look up to the G-men who will take a giant step over the Len's boys this week.
Giants 28 Cowboys 10

Jets @ Falcons
The Jets are flying so high right now they are experiencing nose bleeds, while the Falcons havent got off the ground this season. The Falcons get caught in the Jets engines. Is that burnt feathers i smell?
Jets 27 Falcons 13

Lions @ Packers
The Lions now have a winning streak , while the Pack have the losing streak. What streak will continue? Lions keep it going.
Lions 17 Packers 10

Redskins @ Raiders
Hank's skins keep their hand on the first pick in the upcoming draft.
Raiders 20 Redskins 13

Bears @ Seahawks
Another big game for the Bears as they keep chasing the Vikings. The Seahawks cant afford another loss. Bears eat the Hawks feathers and all.
Bears 27 Seahawks 10

Jags @ Cardinals
The red birds laid an egg last week, but escape the grasp of the Jags this week.
Cardinals 24 Jags 20

Steelers @ Vikings
A big game for both teams, as the Steelers want to stretch their lead in their division and the Vikings keep hearing that bear growl behind them.
The Vikes are at home with HB Peterson , need i say more.
Vikings 28 Steelers 27

Chiefs @ Broncos
Another big game, within a division. The Chiefs have collected alot of scalps over the last two weeks, while the Broncos ran into a steel curtain last week. The Chiefs have been dancing around the camp fire , drinking fire water this week, and have decided they need some fresh mounts. Frob's got the supply, and Hoggie the demand.
Chiefs 30 Broncos 28

Good luck to all!
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Paydirt Football League Articles