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Around the League: Wk 15 (special edition)
By Leonard Barnhart
Special to paydirtfootball.com

A Different kind of article this week.
I figured I'd catch everyone up on what's happening and what's been done this week.
Number one on the list is our upcoming fund drive for the next year of using League Pulse, getting our radio show back on track and keeping the PFL alive and strong.
Our yearly fee for space at league pulse and the utilities that help to make the league so enjoyable is about $300.00 per year. It costs us $8.99 per month for the live server to broadcast the show live, which we will begin doing again very, very soon. That brings us to about $400.00 per year that we have to raise. Our fund drive is the sole way for us to get that money.
This year I will be posting who gives and how much. This isn't to draw anyone out. It is so our owners have accurate knowledge of what we have raised and how much we still need. I am giving everyone a little notice on the fund drive so we can all prepare to give a little and I am asking everyone to do what they can. Our payment is due early November. This gives us a couple months to grab everyone by the shoes and shake up-upside-down till the change falls from your pockets. The PFL supplies us all with endless enjoyment, always has and always will. Please give what you can.

Site upgrades
Second, some upgrades were made to the site...Mainly our Super Bowl champions pages. We are still getting together as many Super Bowl game logs as we can find but the new pages are created and on site. Click the links on the lower right of the main page to see the new designs.

We've added a PFL Facebook page. Make sure you add it to your list of Facebook friends. This way you can keep up with off-the-wall happenings in the league and give you a glimpse into our fellow, team owner's lives. This is something I'd like to see every single one of us do.

Broadcasting Live Games

These days, 90% of us have internet connections fast enough to broadcast your game without lag or too much extra effort. Livestream makes that possible and is very easy to use. I'd love to see each team broadcast at least one game per season, live.
Thanks everyone.
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Paydirt Football League Articles