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Around the League wk16
By Leonard Barnhart
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Game of the Week

We all know about the big matchup between the Saints and Bills, but here's our 'other' game of the week.
I like this game because the Chiefs have to more-or-less win out to make the playoffs. The Eagles are only one game ahead of the Giants. home field advantage is at stake for both these NFC teams with only the saints giving them a real run for it.
The real test for the Eagles will be establishing a running game against the #1 ranked run defense. This could make them one dimensional. Without a running game, Brees could falter.
But when your team is ranked #1 in passing, then being one dimensional isn't always a bad thing. Look for the Eagles to run no more than they have to with about 12-15 carries. They will have success, but not quite enough to pull this one out.
The Eagles get upset: 27-24

Division Tidbits

Division with the most wins: AFC East with 37
Division with least wins: AFC South with 22

49ers Update
After their post-practice showers, 49ers' QB, Homer Wells found coach Gabe Saricino behind running back, Ryan Grant, who was bent over a dressing bench giving him "What fer".
Wells quickly pushed the 49ers' head coach off the player and screamed, "What the HELL are you doing?"
The coach replied, "Ryan slipped in the shower and bumped his head."
To this Wells asked, "Well, why didn't you give him mouth to mouth resuscitation?
Gabe said..."How do you think this got started?"
Ryan Grant is still on the physically unable to preform list for this week's game vs. the Red-Hot Lions.

Fund Drive
Don't forget we have a fund drive approaching. Our payment is due in November. I'm asking everyone who can do so to donate money this year so we can meet our obligations.

PFL Leaders...
#1 Offense overall: Eagles
#1 Defense Overall: Buffalo
#1 Passing attack: Eagles
#1 rushing team: Vikings
#1 against the run: Chiefs
#1 against the pass: Buffalo

PFL Insider Radio show returns
We will once again start broadcasting PFL Insider next sunday at 9PM ET. The broadcast will be live and we invite everyone to listen in and contribute with questions and comments. Insider will broadcast live every Sunday at 9PM ET.

See ya next week!
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Paydirt Football League Articles