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Season XXIII Week 17 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Well coaches, its the final week of the season. Hope all your hard work will result in a play off run, and even to the "Big" show the PFL Super Bowl Championship. This ends my run as the Pigskin Picker. Im stepping down and hopefully someone will take over the job of making the picks each week. Its been alot of fun, but its time to get some fresh thoughts and media reporting concerning the weekly picks. Its been tough picking each week, with all the coaching talent we have in the PFL. Now on with this weeks Picks!

Raiders @ Chargers
A divsional battle, that is between two good ol' boys with no playoff implications. Chargers go out on a winning note.
Chargers 21 Raiders 17

Bucs @ Patriots
Wiggy's Patriots failed to finish strong toward the end of the season, thus will not be in the playoffs. Paul Revere was heard riding thru New England shouting "the Bills are coming , the Bills are coming". Buck got his feet wet with the Bucs this season, and will for sure have a more competitive team next season. Patriots finish with a win.
Patriots 21 Bucs 20

Redskins @ Chiefs
The Chiefs need to keep winning, and the Redskins just need for the season to be over. There hasn't been this many Indians on one field since the Little Big Horn. Chiefs go into the playoffs on the warpath.
Chiefs 30 Redskins 20

Broncos @ Eagles
Need i say this is a big game for both teams. Each teams divisional title is in the balance in this game. Frob wont like this, but here goes anyway, Eagles fly past the Broncos.
Eagles 28 Broncos 27

Bills @ Jags
Will the Bill's coach rest his starters, or will the Jags trash talk him into playing them? The Jags need a win, while the Bills need to go into the playoffs injury free. Bills play the starters for the first half, thats enough to get the win.
Bills 21 Jags 13

Falcons @ Dolphins
The Falcons have nothing to lose , except another game, while the Dolphins are looking for help to get into a wildcard situation. Mac makes it tough on Jim, but the Phins pull it out.
Dolphins 24 Falcons 21

Cowboys @ Panthers
The boys from Dallas are more concerned about who will be the quarterback next season, than they are about this game. Im betting Romo will be back in Dallas next season unless Len can trade him for a dozen footballs. Panthers need a win to help their chances for a playoff birth. Panthers take a bite out of Romo and the boys.
Panthers 30 Cowboys 21

Jets @ Ravens
The Jets have stayed on course this season, and should fly into the playoffs for sure with a win over the black birds.
Jets 20 Ravens 10

Seahawks @ Texans
The Hawks have taken the NFC West , while the Texans will saddle up for next season. Seahawks tune up in this game.
Seahawks 27 Texans 20

Bengals @ Steelers
This is a big game for the Bengals, they need a win, if they are to slip into the playoffs. The Steelers dont intend on letting their rival in the division have another shot at them in the playoffs. Heinz field is not a pleasant place to play and the Bengals know that all too well. The growl is there for a half, then the curtain comes down on the Bengals.
Steelers 28 Bengals 20

Saints @ Giants
At press time, this game was completed. Saints won.

Vikings @ Browns
The Vikes have won the division and will probably rest most of their starters. Jim will get a good look at his brownies for next season. Vikes rest too many too long. Browns take advantage.
Browns 17 Vikings 16

Rams @ 49ers
The Rams have a slim chance for a wildcard, while the Niners have no chance. Will the Niners play the spoiler in this one? The only claim the Niners will have made for this season, is they knocked the Rams out of the playoffs.
49ers 24 Rams 17

Bears at Lions
The Bears lost out to the Vikes for the divsional title, but will make it into the playoffs with a win over the Lions.
Bears 20 Lions 14

Colts @ Titans
The Colts are tied in their division at the top with the Jags. The Jags play the Bills this week, while the Titans are under new ownership and could create a problem for the Colts. The Colts gallop off with the win and with a Jags loss, take the division.
Colts 23 Titans 21

Packers @ Cardinals
Packers and Cardinals complete the season , with the Cardinals getting the win.
Cardinals 27 Packers 21

Good luck to all and most of all have fun!
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