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T-Sizzle's Top 5 Lists - Preseason
By Dan Kipfer
Special to paydirtfootball.com

I decided to do an article this year for the PFL. Each week I'll compile a list of the top 5 in some area of the PFL. Each week will be different so you will have to come by and see what I ranked each week. Ill also be posting a news and notes section where I will post anything I think is newsworthy. If anyone wants to contribute to this please email or pm me. If you wish I will keep you anonymous. ALso PM me if you have any ideas for a future top 5 list.

Some of you may be wondering whats with the article name? Well first off I think the nickname T-Sizzle is hilarious. As a white guy from small town Ontario I will never be given the nickname T-Sizzle so I thought Id just give it to myself.

So without further ado here is my first top 5.

Top 5 Rookies That Will Impact This Season.

5. QB Osweiler
Osweiler is my only 2nd round pick in this list but a lot is expected of him in Minnesota. He will win the job over Leinart this season and will be handing the ball off to hb Peterson. The Vikings are a perennial playoff team and won the division last year. If Osweiler is good they have the talent to win the division again. If he struggles the Vikings miss the playoffs.

4. CB Clairborne
Clairborne was the 2nd pick in the draft and was the best defensive player in the draft. The Falcons are loaded with talent both on offence and defence and should be a playoff team. They struggled mightily against the pass last year so Clairborne could make a big difference.

3. HB Richardson
Richardson is a stud HB in a league that is short on great runners. If Hank relies on him to carry the ball 20-25 times per game the Redskins can become relevant in the PFL again. After 2 horrid season the fans deserve some wins!!

2. CB Gilmore
Gilmore will have to take the place of Patrick Peterson in the Bears defence. Last season everything finally came together for the Bears and they made the playoffs. The fans will not be happy with a regression and it will be up to Gilmore to step in immediately and contribute. He is not a shut down corner yet so John will have to scheme carefully so he doesn't get picked on. If he Gilmore can hold up the Bears could win the NFC North.

1. QB Luck
This was the player everyone was talking about coming into the draft. Is he a franchise QB or will he be just another of the good young QBs that reside in the PFL. Luck has every chance to succeed with 2 very high draft picks (Mickens 1.6, Fryar 1.4) to throw to. With good coaching the Raiders behind Luck will challenge the Broncos and the Chiefs for the division.
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