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Season XXIV Week 1 Picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

I will be taking over for Paul doing the weekly pigskin pickem and I know it wont be easy as he did a phenomenal job at it but I will do my best. My opininions on these games are just that....my opininions and I am not bias in any way. Good luck to everyone this season and hope you enjoy this !!!!! Have fun!

With Peyton Manning gone Indi struggled a little bit last season while the Titans are under new ownership and will start the next phase with RG3. I am not fond of scrambling Qbs just because they seem to fumble alot and run at inopportune times but if anyone can make it work it is Smitty...oh and BTW he still has Chris Johnson.
Titans pull it out 23-17

Wow a big divisional matchup right out of the box!!! These two teams do not like each other and with division games ya throw everything out the window. Aaron Rodgers is healthy but for how long ? Packers look a little weak in the secondary and McCoy will exploit that.
Bears bite the Packers 27-17

KD is the new sheriff in Carolina and showed he is an elite coach by taking the bumbling stumbling Bills to the playoffs . Buck is a madden veteran but might be outmatched in this one. KD and his Panthers beat Bucks Buc as Bucky is seen weeping on youtube.
Panthers 28 Bucs 17

The two time defending champs get under way traveling to Atlanta to face Mac's Falcons. This is my upset special as Matty Ice out duels Colt. Falcons send the Saints marching.
Falcons 23 Saints 21

Reports out of Jacksonville state Jags have reached out to retired QB Tom Brady as he is better than the 3 Qbs they have combined...this being said they are lucky enough to play the Steelers who are poorly managed and even more poorly coached. Jags come into Pittsburgh and throw up a couple jump balls to covered receivers and get the victory.
Jaguars 20 Steelers 13

Interesting matchup this week. The commish has to be raring to go after missing the playoffs last season...think the last time that happened Ronald Reagan was president...or was he still making movies? Dolphins have bolstered their offensive line and will look to pound the rock. Who will QB for the Chiefs? This is a tough one to pick and both play a similar style of defense...bend dont break and force a ton of turnovers. Dolphins outlast the Chiefs.
Dolphins 17 Chiefs 16

Doc begins his reign in Detroit and what do you do to send a message when you take over a football team? Why you trade away their franchise QB...Does Doc have a plan? LUckily he didnt trade away Megatron and he should have a big day exploiting the Redskins secondary. If coach Hank relies on rookie Trent Richardson he can keep this one close. I see a low scoring battle.
Lions 13 Redskins 10

Brock Osweiler meet Mario Williams....Texans defense meet Adrian Peterson . In a game with two teams with young Qbs who has the better running game? This might be the best matchup of the week but Adrian Peterson is the difference.
Vikings 17 Texans 13

A classic QB battle...Drew Brees versus Blaine Gabbert...say what? Rams are drooling to start this season and get Brees on the field and he doesnt disappoint.
Rams 28 Patriots 24

Who Qbs for the Cowboys? Oh it doesnt matter as the Gmen put down a statement in week one. Andrews Giants go home happy but Andrew is saddened as he hears Obama has dropped in the polls.
Giants 28 Cowboys 13

Welcome back Glenda!!! Bill Carpenter and the Seahags stuff the Cardinals in a toilet and drop the Deuce.
Seahawks 30 Cardinals 14

Bz is back in the PFL and reunited with his beloved Bills...someone has to love them right? It was gonna be hard for me to go with a team with a QB named Homer facing a guy named Hunter. KD laid the foundation and for at least one week BZ keeps it going.
Bills 24 49ers 23

These two coaches have probably played each other a million times in one league or another so this is an interesting battle . FROB loves when people pick against him so I will give him his wish.
Jets 35 Broncos 24

Eagle fans were seen rioting after Coach Black let Brees go but the in comes Mathew Stafford . Stafford is not at Brees level but should fill in nicely. Coach Blitz is in his second season with the Ravens and should be getting game on . This is a fun game to watch but Stafford gives the Eagle fans something to cheer about and say "Brees who?"
Eagles 34 Ravens 28

The Andrew Luck era will start in Oakland and he is fortunate to play the Chargers who are not know for their defensive prowess. This one should be an offensive shootout as Luck starts his career 1-0.
Raiders 31 Chargers 30

Coach Paul could be dangerous this season as he has more time to coach. Bcreeks Browns put up a good fight but newly aquired Bengal RB Jonathan Dwyer breaks 15 tackles then spins then jumps over a player and races for a decisive TD....who was the idiot who traded that guy?
Bengals 24 Browns 10

Hope everyone has enjoyed this article . Good luck to all and most of all have fun!!!!!
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Paydirt Football League Articles