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Top 5 List - Week 3
By Dan Kipfer
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Top 5 Surprise Starts

5. Titans 2-0

Titans draft a rookie QB and start off with 2 resounding wins over the Colts (21-12) and the Bears (29-3). The Bears game in particular was a stunner as the Bears were coming off a good season and the Titans won only 5 games last season. The Titans seem to be subbing in both Griffin and Devlin at QB with mixed results but what they are doing is giving CJ the ball and he has produces over 250 yds in his first 2 games.

4. Seahawks0-2

The Seahawks were expected to win their division by most after such a good year last season but this year has not started off well. The Seahawks have lost already to the Cards and Giants and their schedule does not get any easier with the Vikings, Cowboys, 49ers and Saints their next 4 games. The Seahawks main problem seems to be their inability to stop anyone on defence.

2. (tied) Broncos 0-2

Last years AFC representative in the PFL bowl is struggling early with losses to the Jets and Panthers. The big problem in Denver remains the defence. Frob was never a defensive coach but he can't give up 34 pts a game and expect to win. The good news is the other elite team in that division is also 0-2 the bad news is there is a new sheriff on the block.

2. (tied)Chiefs 0-2

It is a surprise to see the Chiefs at 0-2 but they have played the Dolphins and Saints in those 2 weeks. That is a tough road for any team. Look for an interesting early season matchup in week 4 against the struggling Broncos. The team that loses that game will be in some serious trouble.

1. Chargers 2-0

So I guess maybe the apocalypse is on us as Mike has suggested. Jerry is undefeated after 2 weeks and this is the surprise of the early season. Jerry has beaten the Browns and Raiders but he can prove he is for real by defeating the Broncos this week. On offence Jerry is incredibly balanced this year. Rivers is averaging 3oo yds and Mathews is averaging 100 yards on the ground. If Jerry can keep running the ball he can win the AFC West and then hell has indeed frozen over...
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