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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIV Week 4 picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Sun Eagles #25 Redskins #31 1:00pm
Hank gets all the high first round picks but never seems to get much breaks in Madden. Big Black let the cat out of the bag last week revealing he plays Goofy at Disneyland...not sure what that means towards this matchup but the Eagles get it done. Eagles 31 Redskins 17

Sun Lions #21 Titans #16 1:00pm
Coach Smitty has been reported to have brought out the vaunted wet noodle and a few players have felt its wrath. They take out their frustrations out this week and run all over the Lions Titans 23 Lions 13

Sun Packers #11 Vikings #4 1:00pm
Packers are quietly playing some good football and Scotty's Vikings are solid as usual. The Packers tighten things up Packers 23 Vikings 21

Sun Giants #6 Ravens #29 1:00pm
OK no more politics. Ravens continue to struggle and the Giants keep chugging along . Ravens keep it close but Giants find a way Giants 20 Ravens 17

Sun Bengals #5 Jets #12 1:00pm
The Bengals are playing as well as anyone right now but this is a tough matchup to call. When its too close to call go with a little luck...or magic Jets 21 Bengals 20

Sun Browns #28 Steelers #1 1:00pm
Division rivals square off . Not sure how the Steelers are rated #1 . Steelers defense has played well the first three games but are the Browns due? Three weeks in a row Ive picked against myself and won ... Steelers 20 Browns 14

Sun Seahawks #26 Cowboys #18 1:00pm
WOW The Seahawks are 0-3...would have never predicted that but will they be 0-4 . The Cowboys are uber talented but I just cant see the Seahawks losing their first 4 games... Seahawks 16 Cowboys 13

Sun Texans #9 Jaguars #20 4:00pm
Texans are coming off a huge win over the Titans while the Jags were beaten up by the Bengals. Texans got it going on. Texans 27 Jaguars 17

Sun Panthers #8 Raiders #23 4:05pm
Oh those poor Raiders. KD coming off a tough loss will look to take it out on Andrew Luck and Louies Raiders..I cant watch. Panthers 30 Raiders 10

Sun Chiefs #13 Broncos #24 4:15pm
Broncos got back on track last week winning a shootout against the Chargers while the Chiefs got back on track whipping up on the Patriots. Chiefs seem to force alot of turnovers and get a few in this one. Chiefs 28 Broncos 20

Sun Dolphins #3 49ers #14 4:15pm
Dolphins are cruising along and look to be back to where the Dolphins are usually at. 49ers are a little overmatched in this one Dolphins 31 49ers 13

Sun Patriots #19 Cardinals #17 4:15pm
Both teams are coming off bad losses . Patriots get back on track as they get their red wings.....Red Cardinal wings Patriots 24 Cardinals 21

Sun Falcons #30 Buccaneers #10 8:30pm
Falcons are really struggling and I dont know why...good team good coach just havent been able to put it all together. Bucks Bucs have won 2 in a row and a 3rd win could get a Emmy winning performance on YouTube. This I wanna see so I gotta go with...Bucs 30 Falcons 28

Mon Bears #22 Colts #32 9:00pm
Colts have looked atrocious at times on both sides of the ball and Coach Manloz is very frustrated with the play of his team as he is not accustomed to losing. Bears got off the schnide last week with a hard fought win over the Falcons. Close game till the 4th quarter. Bears 24 Colts 16

Good Luck to all and Awesome job this week getting games in!!!!!!
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Paydirt Football League Articles