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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIV Week 7 Picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Cardinals VS Dolphins
Can anyone stop the mighty Dolphins? Last week Jim took good ole jerry behind the woodshed and this week he has reserved a spot for the Cardinals. Dolphins 30 Cardinals 9
Steelers vs Bills
The Steelers defense has given up 10 points per game in their last 4 games....easy math considering every game has been 10 points. Bills have struggled this season but Coach BZ has always given myself a good game. Steelers 20 Bills 10
Bears vs Lions
The Lions pleaded for a win last week and they got a narrow victory while the Bears fell victim to the New Jersey Giants . Tough game to call but if I pick the Lions then I wont get a reply to this forum pleading for another win...nice to know someone reads this so I gotta go with the Bears.
Bears 20 Lions 19
Browns vs Bengals
Bengals have shown that they are among the elite in the AFC this season and the Browns are just another stepping stone . This one could get ugly folks . Bengals 30 Browns 10
49ers vs Rams
The 49ers upset the Patriots last week while the Rams nipped the Cowboys. Rams are good and they show the 49ers just how good they are. Rams 24 49ers 13
Patriots vs Jets
Patriots looked past the 49ers last week and got beat. Jets got back on track with an impressive win over the Cardinals. Jets keep the Patriots down. Jets 28 Patriots 23
Jaguars vs Texans
The Jaguars are very quietly playing some good football and sit at 3-2. Texans are suprisingly struggling but they on any given day can beat anyone and they get it done in this one.
Texans 17 Jaguars 13
Redskins vs Ravens
Someone has to win this game or it could be a tie...that would be interesting. The loser might have the inside track for the #1 overal pick in the next PFL draft. Stadium will be rocking as tickets were given away along with a paper bag to hide identity.
Ravens 23 Redskins 21
Saints vs Seahawks
The Seahags have won two in a row while the Saints have managed to stay undefeated winning alot of close games . The Seahags have only 3 sacks on the season and that doesnt bode well against a Colt Montana led high powered offense. Saints roll.
Saints 34 Seahawks 23
Raiders vs Chargers
Chargers got absolutely embarassed last week by the Dolphins while the Raiders got the unlucky draw of a subbed in game with a loss to the Broncos. Last time these teams played the Chargers rolled to a 34-10 victory. Raiders get revenge as two bad losses in a row sends Jerry to the cellar...or is it the goat pen?
Raiders 27 Chargers 17
Eagles vs Cowboys
RB DMC has been an absolute gem for the Eagles averaging a whopping 2.83 YPC .....say what? Eagle fans wish they had McCoy back but they shouldnt need him in this one .
Eagles 24 Cowboys 20
Buccaneers vs Broncos
These coaches have probably played each other a million times in the other 500 leagues hey have been in now or in the past. Frob faked an illness last week so he could get a sub to show him his team can actually play some defense from time to time. Bucs have lost 3 in a row as their offense has gone stagnant...what better medicine is there for a struggling offense than a porous defense? Frob is better but after this game pukes just a little in his mouth.
Bucs 34 Broncos 30
Packers vs Panthers
Game of the Week? Both teams sit at 5-1 and are among the elite in the NFC. Will the time change affect Coach KD? パンサーズをして多少きしむ音します。For those of you who dont speak Japanese that means the Panthers squeek one out.
Panthers 17 packers 16
Colts vs Chiefs
The Chiefs were my preseason pick to make the Super Bowl and after two opening losses to two very good teams they have reeled off 3 straight wins . Colts are wondering if any elite QBs will be available in the next draft......
Chiefs 38 Colts 13

Hope everyone has enjoyed this read and good luck to all and most importantly have fun...and oh schedule those games in a timely manner!!!

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