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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXIV Week 8 Picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Lionsvs Vikings
The Vikings are in a spot they rarely see themselves...3-3 and not at the top of the NFC North. The Lions sit at the bottom but would like nothing better than to knock off the Vikings. AP is the key
Vikings 20 Lions 16

Chiefs VS Bengals
Important AFC battle this week as the Bengals look to sit atop the AFC North while the Chiefs seek their 5th straight win. Both teams are red hot but I see a costly mistake by RB Dwyer that dooms the Bengals.
Chiefs 20 Bengals 17

Patriots VS Dolphins
Can anyone stop the Dolphins? Patriots have fared very well against the Fins and while they can keep this game close their lack of experience at QB will prove costly.
Dolphins 24 Patriots 16

Packers vs Texans
Texans are struggling while the Packers seem to have found their niche as they have loosened up the play calling and went with a more aggressive approach. Aaron Rodgers meet Mario Williams. Texans win one for the AFC.
Texans 16 Packers 13

Redskins vs Falcons
Two struggling teams ...does anyone really care who wins this game besides those who play in it?
Falcons 24 Redskins 13

Cardinals vs Rams
Those poor poor Cardinals...get thumped last week by the Dolphins and now have to face the 5-1 Rams...will the bleeding ever stop? Not this week.
Rams 27 Cardinals 13

49ers vs Giants
El Guapo has struggled with the transition from the Browns to the 49ers and has no easy task this week taking on Booeys GMen. 49ers keep it close but run out of steam in the 4th quarter.
Giants 23 49ers 14

Panthers vs Bears
The Bears are under new ownership...what happened there and who is this new sheriff in Chicago? KD is back on the East Coast and ready to go Godzilla on the NFC starting with the Bears .
Panthers 16 Bears 13

Saints vs Broncos
A rematch of last seasons Super Bowl and while the Saints keep marching on the Broncos have been mediocre this season as the defense continues to struggle. Colt stop drooling!!!
Saints 42 Broncos 31[b]

Jets vs Chargers
Jerry can sling it around with the best of them but ask him to be patient and run the ball and ask him to play tough defense is like asking him to stay away from the barn during the sheep mating season...not gonna happen!!!! Jets have been up and down this season but get back to .500.
[b]Jets 31 Chargers 23

Cowboys vs Buccaneers
Somebody has to win this game ...well actually they dont it could be a tie.
Cowboys 17 Buccaneers 17

Seahawks vs Bills
The Bills shocked the PFL world by knocking off the previously undefeated Steelers. Can they make it two in a row? If they play like they did last week they no doubt can but the Seahawks wont be overlooking the Bills this week knowing anything can happen. Seahawks win a tight one.
Seahawks 16 Bills 14

Browns vs Titans
Will Bcreek get his first win this week against his former team? Smitty has the Titans rolling as Chris Johnson is running wild. Stop the run and you have a shot but unfortunately for the Browns they allow 130 yards rushing a game and that number will go up after this week.
Titans 34 Browns 10

Ravens vs Jaguars
Write this one down folks....Schwami says put your money on the Ravens and bet it all folks!!!!!! I predict the final score will be ................,,,,,,,,,
Ravens 27 Jaguars 22

Good luck to all and most of all have fun!!!!! Remember to properly schedule your games and if your having trouble figuring out how to do that just read the brilliant article Scheduling 101 by Jim QB16.
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Paydirt Football League Articles