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Top 5 For Week 8
By Dan Kipfer
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Lots of talk about the undefeated teams. here are my top 5 after looking at the schedule.

Top 5 Teams

5. Rams 5-1

Rams edge out Titans, Giants and Steelers for the 5th spot because have only lost to a very good Dolphins team and have the best win of the bunch against the Pats. In reality none of these teams have really beaten any top 10 teams and need to prove themselves with a win against a good team. Rams have built themselves a huge early lead in the NVC West and may cruise to the playoffs.

4. Bengals 6-0

Bengals are undefeated but have yet to play a team in the top 10. The Jets and Ravens are their best wins. Upcoming games against the Chiefs and Steelers will prove if the Bengals are for real. HB Dwyer has provided a real spark for the Bengals and the Steelers may regret trading him inside the division.

3. Panthers 6-1

Panthers only loss has come against the Saints by 1 point and have a quality win against the Packers. I'm not sure I love the Panthers talent base but they are playing well right now.

2. Dolphins 6-0

Quality wins against the Chiefs in week 1 and the Rams in week 5. The Dolphins missed the playoffs last year but are determined not to let that happen again. The schedule the rest of the way is fairly easy and should cruise to the AFC East division title.

1. Saints 6-0

Here are the Saints once again. Saints are undefeated with wins versus the Chiefs and Panthers. They are the only team on the list with a win against a top 5 team. Are we destined for a Miami/NO Super Bowl? Looks so early in the season but there still is a long way to go.
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