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Top 5 or Perhaps Bottom 5
By Dan Kipfer
Special to paydirtfootball.com

With a huge matchup between the Redskins and the Browns coming up this week I thought i would look at the top 5 teams that are in play for the #1 pick in the draft.

5. San Francisco 49ers 3-7
The glory days of winning championships are long gone in San Fran. Not only have they lost their last 2 games but they have not scored a point since week 9. Two straight shut outs and things are bad in the Bay. They do have a few easy games going forward and they are getting healthier.
Prediction: 5-11

4. Arizona Cardinals 2-8
Honestly Im shocked the Cards are this bad. They have a good roster and have not had the injuries that other teams have suffered. Their schedule has been tough but it's gotten bad in Arizona. They do have some winable games upcoming.
Prediction: 4-12

3. San Diego Chargers 2-8
Remember back in week 3 when they were the surprise team of the PFL? Neither do I. Since they went 2-0 they have lost 8 straight games. Now they get the Saints coming into San Diego in week 12 - Good Luck with that. Good news is they will win one more game this season.
Prediction: 3-13

2. Washington Redskins 0-10
Here we are again with the Skins. They have the talent to compete and have been fairly healthy this season. They have been somewhat unlucky but they need to start winning games in DC. I think they will beat the Browns this week and that will propel them to go on a bit of a streak down the stretch. Wishful thinking? Maybe...
Prediction: 3-13

1. Cleveland Browns 0-10
The Browns have lost close, lost big, lost because they can't score and lost because they can't defend. The biggest problem with the Browns is how old they are on defence. Guys like Hampton, Urlacher and Rogers are all hanging on by their fingertips. It is time to insert some fresh blood into the Cleveland D and a #1 pick is a good way to start.
Prediction: 1-15
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