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Paydirt Football League Articles

Playoff Scenarios
By Dan Kipfer
Special to paydirtfootball.com


1. Dolphins 12-2

Dolphins hold tie breaker over both Steelers and Bengals so they would have to lose both games and have the Bengals or Steelers win both to lose #1 seed.
Games Left - Jets, Texans

2. Bengals 11-3
Bengals have tie breaker over Steelers because of conference record. Both teams play the Giants coming up.
Games left - Eagles, Giants

3. Titans 10-4
Titans have clinched the South and are fighting for a 1st round bye.
Games Left - Jags, Ravens

4. Broncos 8-6
Broncos hold tie breaker over Chiefs but Chiefs have an easier road. Week 17 game with Steelers could be huge.
Games Left - Bills, Steelers

5. Steelers 11-3
Steelers have clinched a playoff spot and still have s good shot at the #2 seed in the AFC.
Games left - Giants, Broncos

6. Chiefs 8-6
Chiefs have tie breaker over Pats for last playoff spot. They also have a favourable schedule.
Games left - Bucs, Chargers

Still in the hunt

Patriots 8-6
Pats are hanging in but are going to need help. Seahawks game in week 17 is a tough one.
Games left - Chargers, Seahawks

Jags and Texans 7-7
Both need a lot of help.
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Paydirt Football League Articles