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Season XXIV PFL Super Bowl
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Rams vs Steelers

This should be a very interesting game, and i hope that it will be broadcasted by one of the teams, so we can watch. Both teams have a top notch quaterbacks, and both teams have a good running game. I believe the game will be decided by the defense. I have faced both coaches and both of them are capable of winning this game with their coaching talents. On the defensive side , i will have to give the edge to the Steelers. On offense the Steelers can at times be prone to mistakes. If these mistakes or turnovers arise in this game the Rams will take advantage with their offense. On the other side i would have to give the Rams the advantage on offense, and it seems they establish the running game, but make no mistake about it, the passing game is where the Rams excel. On defense the Rams are not as strong as the Steelers but are capable of keeping the Steelers in check. If this turns into a defensive struggle the advantage goes to the boys from Pittsburgh, and it will be low scoring, but if the Rams and Steelers get in an offensive scoring game, the Rams will have the advantage. So which Mike will win? I look for the first half to be a stalemate, but the second half the Rams open it up and the Steelers cant keep pace. Rams 31 Steelers 21

A little side note for the game, during the regular season both teams played the Bills, the Steelers losing 14-9 and the Rams winning 41-21 and both teams beat the Eagles.

Good luck to both teams, and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles