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PFL 25TH Season Pick Game of the Week
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Pigskin's Pickens by Pigskin Paul.

I won't be doing the week's picks of all teams this season, but i would like to pick out certain games during the week for game of week or to just highlight a rivalry game etc.

This week since the first game to be played "live" , the Bills and Chargers game has been selected for Pigskin's Pickens.

The Bills have a new owner this season and that means growing pains. Till the new owner figures out what kind of talent he has and how to apply it, it will probably be a trial and error season.
Looking at the Bills , the one major bright spot will be the same as past seasons, the running game lead by HB C.J. Spiller. Make no mistake about it, he is the driving force behind the Bills offense. But the Bills have a capable quarterback if used right and with the 6'4" WR Z. Kenpachi to throw to, that should help. Kenpachi had 1000 yrds receiving last season. On defense the Bills are relatively young up front, but do have some nice looking linebackers , with both ROLB A. Maybing and MLB M. Wilson both standing at 6'4" and good speed. The Bills also employ two tall CB's which should help to defense the pass.

The Chargers continue to have Jerry at the helm, even tho there have been some rumblings coming out of San Diego the last couple of seasons. Jerry's teams seem to start off strong only to slip to the back of pack late in the season. Seems the answer to the Chargers might be to look for a long distance runner instead of a sprinter. That being said, the Chargers usually go as QB P. Rivers goes. The Chargers are known to pass to set up the run. Rivers will have his returning WR's from last season WR C. Burke 1500+ yrds receiving and WR V. Jackson 870 yrds receiving. When you descibe these two receivers, one word "Big". Jerry has a couple nice HB's in his stable, HB R. Mathews , 1000 yrds rushing last season and HB D. Murray. If the Chargers coaching staff could find a way to get Murray more involved in the running game, their offense wouldnt be as predictable.
On defense the edge has to go to the Chargers in this game, the front four seems capable, although the Chargers linebacking corp is a little slow. In the secondary, the CB's or capable of defending , although CB D. McMillan is on the short side.

Overall View: Both teams have a good offensive line, and this game may come down to the special teams, with the edge going to the Chargers who have KR T. Smith who had three returns for td's last season.

Pig's Pick: Chargers by a field goal.
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