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CONGRATS to the Saints.... Super Bowl XXXV Winners !!!!
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Season XXV Week 2 Picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Holla!!!! I am back !!!! Welcome everyone to the 25th PFL season. Its been quite a ride over the years and hopefully the best is yet to come. The new site is looking sharp and the competition is going to be fierce!!!!
Bills vs Patriots
Coach Wiggy said Joe Flacco is the final piece of the puzzle to get him over the hump and after one week he might be right. The Bills have a new coach but for how long? Will Wiggy get him to say No Mas?
Patriots 30 Bills 17

Bengals vs Chiefs
A clash of the Titans if you will as two early season Super Bowl Favorites do battle. The Chiefs last week squeaked one out against the Steelers while the Bengals took the Browns behind the woodshed. This one goes down to the end .
Chiefs 20 Bengals 17

Cowboys vs Redskins
Two division rivals square off in this epic NFC East battle. Can Coach Hank get these Redskins who are loaded with high first round talent off to a good start or is it the same old Skins? Are we using a real draft class this season?
Cowboys 17 Redskins 13

Giants vs Eagles
Another classic NFC East battle. Eagles have been on a tailspin ever since getting rid of Brees while the Giants are always solid.
Giants 24 Eagles 16

Cardinals vs Titans
QB by committee doesn't seem to be working in Tennesee yet he continues t to try it. Cardinals thank him after game.
Cardinals 24 Titans 21

49ers vs Colts
Manlolz has been weeping ever since Peyton Manning retired as no one has been able to fill those big shoes. El Guapo is undefeated!!! Okay its only after one game but ya gotta start somewhere.
49ers 23 Colts 16

Ravens vs Browns
The Ravens in the offseason vowed to get better so what do they do? They trade away their best player? Say what? Didn't make sense to me but Gabbert should be good enough to beat the Browns.
Ravens 28 Browns 20

Dolphins vs TExans
With QBJim no longer at the helm of the Dolphins they are once again just the Dolphins as new coach Nole found out how tough it is to win in the PFL. The Texans wont take this one lightly after their week one debacle.
Texans 30 Dolphins 10

Vikings vs Falcons
Scotty this season could be sitting back watching all the teams that signed all his top tier players win but its hard to keep a good coach down . Close one but the Vikes get it in the end.
Vikings 17 Falcons 16

Steelers vs Broncos
Speaking of teams that took advantage of Viking misfortunes. The Broncos landed stud RB Adrian Peterson and could run him all the way back to the Super Bowl. Steelers defense looked good last week but the offense was horrid in the redzone. If Steelers offense cant get on track could be a long year for the defending champs.
Broncos 20 Steelers 13

LIons vs Panthers
Say what? An open team in the PFL ? Has that ever happened? With no coach for Panthers there cant be a pick .

Rams vs Seahawks
The commish vs Fabio...sounds like a celebrity deathmatch ......not a whole lot of intrigue in this matchup unless you cound game scheduling ............
Rams 34 Seahawks 20

Chargers vs Raiders
A battle of epic proportions ...a monumental game to the longevity of the PFL.......ooops wrong game...just another Raider Chargers matchup. Computer is running slow so no good goat jokes this week but the Raiders get the last laugh in this one with a little bit of Luck....
Raiders 31 Chargers 27

Packers vs Bears
Packers another team I don't understand....on the verge of something special and they trade away their best player ...drugs are bad people!!!!! The rest of the NFC North appreciates it though.
Bears 34 Packers 14

Jaguars vs Jets
A battle of unbeaten juggernauts ok its only after one week but both teams looked good out of the gate...only one can win though so I pick the team who starts with J....wait that wont work. OK Jags have cooler uniforms.
Jaguars 23 Jets 21

Buccanneers vs Saints
Welcome back Dawson! Classic matchup between two old timers...not calling ya old just ya been in MAdden community for a long time...ok now that is clarified this should be a fun game ...broadcast it?
BUcs 34 Saints 31
Hope everyone has fun this week ! Get those games scheduled promptly and play nice.
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