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CONGRATS to the Saints.... Super Bowl XXXV Winners !!!!
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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXV Week 3 picks
By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Bears vs Bengals
The Bears struggle to get the ball more than 30 yards down the field and will find it a tough task against the speedy CB's of the Bengals. The Bengals are one of the leagues elite who ran into a pretty good Chiefs team last week. Bengals rarely lose two games in a row.
Bengals 30 Bears 21

Ravens vs Packers
A battle of two teams who for some oddball reason traded the best player on their team. The Packers in this one are still better at the QB position while Gabbert has some deep threats but isn't the right fit to get it to them. Still this is a high scoring affair.
Packers 27 Ravens 24

Redskins vs Vikings
The Skins are in second place in the division....okay okay we have only played two games but at 1-1 they have a better record than the defending champs. Vikings are in a total rebuilding mode and could be in line for the overall #1 pick...Sorry Scotty!
Skins 20 Vikings 16

Giants vs Panthers

The Giants are a steady force every season in the PFL and this one is no exceptions. The Panthers have been going thru a revolving door of owners. Hope this one stays one after this one...
Giants 28 Panthers 16

Buccaneers vs Patriots

Not a lot people know that this is why Bucky is called Bucky. Wiggy thinks he has the team to beat in the AFC with Flacco but without Flacco this one will be a very tough task. Good ole Buck gets the Pats at the right time.
Bucs 27 Pats 17

Falcons vs Jets
Good matchup between two veteran coaches. Im pulling for the Falcons to make a run this season and with a QB named Ryan...how can you go wrong?
Falcons 20 Jets 17

Texans vs Colts

Yeah just a word of advice when searching for things with horses be very specific in what you search for...looked for a hung horse....not good...not good at all. Will we see another Colt beatdown? Texans are due to win one.
Texans 28 Colts 20

Steelers vs Titans
The defending champs are 0-2 ...is ther cause for concern? Weve been here before and we are a play here or there from being 2-0. Steelers feast on the 2 QB rotation.
Steelers 27 Titans 17

Lions vs Seahawks


Classic matchup. Two heavyweights .....wait wrong game dang it . Doc is proven in this league while Fabio is not.
Lions 24 Seahawks 16

Cardinals vs 49ers
Battle of two teams going in opposite directions but it is still early and the Cardinals pull off the upset.
Cards 21 49ers 14

Raiders vs Broncos
Broncos offense looks unstoppable right now while the Raiders have not been a defensive juggernaut...not a good matchup for the Raiders. No luck today....
Broncos 38 Raiders 28

Eagles vs Chiefs
Chiefs in two weeks have taken down the Super Bowl Champs and the Bengals who played in the AFC Championship. Chiefs roll in this one.
Chiefs 30 Eagles 13

Browns vs Chargers
Two veteran coaches square off in a pivotal AFC battle. Could this be the year one of these teams goes on a run? Only time will tell.
Browns 24 Chargers 23

Saints vs Rams
Welcome back Dave!!!! I think I have said that every week ....This week Dave returns to take on the Commish..the head honcho,Mr Numero Uno....trying to come up with something football related in this game. Ok here it goes . Colt MOntana has a huge day but comes up short .
Rams 31 Saints 27

Hope everyone enjoys this read if ya don't I could care less :-).
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Paydirt Football League Articles