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PFL 25TH Season Pick Game of the Week #3
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

This weeks pick for game of the week will match Buck's Bucs against Wig's Pats.

Taking a look at the Tampa Bay offense, it looks like QB Z. Fischer will once again be at the helm of the pass oriented Bucs offense. Fischer so far has a 83.9% passing rating for the Buckster. QB Fischer's favorite target seems to be WR M. Sparks who looks to be the deep threat of the receivers, with a catch average of 26 yrds. TE K. Winslow at 32 yrs old, should still be considered a threat over the middle and in the flats. HB J.Forsett is leading the ground game with a 4.4 yrd average. The offensive line is strong, but they are all in their thirties.
On defense young RE R. Diaz has alot of strength and speed, which results in him leading the team in sacks. The Bucs have alot of speed at linebacker and veteran CB A. Talib holds down the secondary.

The Patriots made some very interesting trades in the off season. Picking up QB J. Flacco in a trade with the Ravens was a "biggie". But then Wiggy went out and also got HB J. Stewart who is backed up by a very capable HB D. Scott. The Patriots also picked up Eagle cast off C J. Jackson to anchor the offensive line. Then if that wasnt enough the Pats dipped into free agency and got WR C. Schilens a 6'4" monster averaging 29 yrds a catch.
On defense the Patriots d-line is anchored by veterans RE R. Edwards and DT V. Wilfork. Hard hitting MLB J. Mayo will led the linebacking corp. In the secondary, there will be two speedy CB's in C. Houston and D. McCourty.
It has also been reported that ROLB D. Griffin has been running down some receivers from behind with his blazing speed.

Overview: Look for this game to go to overtime. Patriots by 3 pts.
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Paydirt Football League Articles