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Season XXV Week 4 Games
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

With Mike on vacation Pigskin's Pickens will pick this weeks games.

Saints @ Bucs
The Saints dont seem to be marching in , as they have in past seasons so far, while Buck has fine tuned his Tampa team this season. The Bucs take the voodoo away from the Saints.
Bucs 24 Saints 13

Cardinals @ Bears
Its never a pretty sight when you put a bird up against a bear. The Cards leave alot of red on the field.
Bears 28 Cardinals 14

Bills @ Jags
Both the Bills and Jags are looking to have a turn around this season. The Jags have the better looking uniforms, but the Bills have a better team.
Bills 13 Jags 10

Patriots @ Dolphins
The Phins are without Jim this season, and they just dont look the same so far. The Patriots have improved their team alot in the off season. Can there be a new sheriff in town.
Patriots 30 Dolphins 17

Raiders @ Jets
The Raiders are looking strong this season, and the Jets are at the top of their division. This game will put a mark on both teams season. If they were playing in Oakland the Raiders would take this game, but since its a Jets home game, the Jets keep winning.
Jets 27 Raiders 20

Packers @ Rams
The cheese heads in Green Bay are restless, as the Pack starts off 1-2, but what can you expect from a people who wear cheese for a hat. The Rams are at the top of their game so far and they keep getting stronger.
Rams 30 Packers 21

Chiefs @ Ravens
The wigwams tasted defeat at the feet of the Eagles last week as the Ravens dropped to 0-3. Its not a good thing to go up against the Chiefs when they come off a loss. The Ravens feel the wrath of the wigwams.
Chiefs 31 Ravens 20

Browns @ Colts
Jim has already improved the Browns record from last season, while the Colts continue to limp to the finish line. The Brownies get another win.
Browns 21 Colts 10

Titans @ Texans
Both teams are at 1-2 and seem to be searching for what will work. The Titans find their mojo first.
Titans 28 Texans 17

49ers @ Seahawks
A divsional battle in this game as the Niners will shoot down the Hawks.
49ers 20 Seahawks 17

Redskins @ Broncos
The Redskins picked up a big win against the Cowboys this season, but will Hank's team stop there? The Broncos were on a roll with their new HB Peterson, until he got injured. Can the Broncos come up with a different game plan now? The Skins make it close.
Broncos 23 Redskins 21

Falcons @ Panthers
Falcons got mauled by the Jags last week, and have to face another hungry cat this week. The Falcons find a way to fly by the Panthers.
Falcons 21 Panthers 13

Vikings @ Steelers
The Vikes just havent been the same team without HB Peterson, while the Steelers have regrouped from their two game losing streak, to get their first win against the Titans last week. The Steelers are out to show they are still the champs and the Vikes will not only be purple , but black and purple after this game.
Steelers 34 Vikings 17

Eagles @ Cowboys
The Eagles got a big win last week against the Chiefs while the Cowboys had a bye week. A tough divisional battle in this game. The Eagles go into Dallas and fly away with the win.
Eagles 28 Cowboys 17

Good luck and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles