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Paydirt Football League Articles

By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Dolphins at Bills
The Bills were upset last week and draw the injury prone Dolphins....medicine to soothe the soul?
Bills 16 Dolphins 10

Packers at Lions
The Lions just keep rolling ..has Doc found his form from his Super Bowl run? The Packers need this win badly as they beat the last unbeaten.
Packers 16 Lions 14

Bengals at Ravens
Bengals players are well rested after playing a shortened game last week while the Ravens sure do miss Joe Flacco. Bengals keep winning to stay ahead of the Steelers.
Bengals 30 Ravens 20

Eagles at Falcons
The Falcons pulled of the upset last week knocking off the previously undefeated NY Giants while the Eagles were getting Youtubed by Bucks Bucs. Eagles are more majestic than a Falcon.
Eagles 27 Falcons 23

Texans at Titans
Coach Smitty is trying to get rid of his dirty laundry but will it motivate his team? Titans are pretty banged up and Texans take advantage .
Texans 30 Titans 20

Browns at Vikings
Classic matchup between two of the veteran coaches in Madden. Both teams are 1-4 so something has to give. Scotty's defense does just enough against the pesky Browns.
Vikings 9 Browns 7

Chargers at Redskins

TAKE THAT YOU FILTHY PIG! The hogs make a game of it but Jerry's goats are on a roll this season.
Chargers 27 Redskins 16

Chiefs at Patriots
Flacco drops back and finds Pete Nixon! WTF How does this guy get so many INTS? The Chiefs win off turnovers so if Wiggy can not turn the ball over he has a chance. Someone tell Flacco.....
Chiefs 24 Patriots 20

Cowboys at Giants

Who is that handsome man? Giants were shocked last week and are demanding change while Len is still coloring the picture from last week.....
Giants 17 Cowboys 13

Colts at Cardinals
The Colts have a winning streak and with another win could be at .500 while the Cardinals just keep moseying along.
Colts 23 Cardinals 21

Steelers at Raiders

Will this be what it takes to beat the Andrew Luck and the Raiders? Raiders have lost two games both to the Chargers while the Steelers have won three straight. Big Ben outplays Luck in a thriller.
Steelers 24 Raiders 20

Jaguars at Rams
A battle between two first place teams albeit the Jags are 2-2 but the 49ers proved last week that the Rams are beatable but two weeks in a row? Cmon now.
Rams 30 Jaguars 17

Saints at Panthers
Saints are coming off a big win over the Bills while Sun Devil is still searching for that elusive first win. sorry but your searching one more week.
Saints 28 Panthers 17

Hope everyone has a fun time this week !!!!! Schedule those games quickly and correctly!!!!!
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Paydirt Football League Articles