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PFL Superbowl History
By James Hatzis
Special to paydirtfootball.com

I figured while we are making our way through the offseason, it might be fun to do an article about PFL superbowls. The PFL is currently entering its 36th season, therefore this article will chronicle the 35 seasons of superbowl champions throughout the history of the PFL. Since we are a group of gamers that love statistics, what would be more fun than to know how many different coaches have actually won the coveted Pelto trophy. I tallied up the amount of times each individual franchise made it to the big game and what their win/loss record was in PFL superbowls. I went superbowl by superbowl and figured out the winning and losing record of each franchise that has reached the PFL superbowl. I also listed what coaches have won the big game and indicated what coaches have more than one trophy to their name. The only thing that I could not do which would have been fun is list every coach's win/loss record in the superbowl. Unfortunately Lenny didn't keep track of who the superbowl losers were each season, he only listed the superbowl champions.

I think it is a true testament to what a realistic, competitive and top tier madden league Lenny has always run when you look at the numbers. The level of competition in the PFL is unmatched anywhere else in the madden community. When you see that through 35 seasons a whopping 26 different coaches have won the superbowl, only 5 coaches have won the superbowl more than once and that no coach has won a championship more than 5 times through 35 seasons I think that you will agree.

PFL Superbowl Winning Coaches:
Jim Hatzis (5) Time Superbowl Champion
(Superbowl XXX Champion), (Superbowl XXVI Champion), (Superbowl XX Champion), (Superbowl XVIII Champion), (Superbowl XVI Champion)
Kyle Croft (3) Time Superbowl Champion
(Superbowl XIX Champion), (Superbowl XII Champion), (Superbowl X Champion)
Omari Smith (2) Time Superbowl Champion
(Superbowl XXIX Champion), (Superbowl XXVIII Champion)
Dan Kipfer (2) Time Superbowl Champion
(Superbowl XXVII Champion), (Superbowl XXI Champion)
John Whalen (2) Time Superbowl Champion
(Superbowl XXIII Champion), (Superbowl XXII Champion)
Jordan Goodman (Superbowl XXXV Champion)
Mike Smurthwaite (Superbowl XXXIV Champion)
Kenyahte Daniels (Superbowl XXXIII Champion)
Mike Kleinknecht (Superbowl XXXII Champion)
Mike Goodman (Superbowl XXXI Champion)
Cory Ward (Superbowl XXV Champion)
Mike Ryan (Superbowl XXIV Champion)
Andrew Torres (Superbowl XVII Champion)
Wayne Dupree (Superbowl XV Champion)
Jim Gamble (Superbowl XIV Champion)
Paul Preheim (Superbowl XIII Champion)
Adam Spencer (Superbowl XI Champion)
Rick Kerns (Superbowl IX Champion)
Jim Kargen (Superbowl VIII Champion)
Kyle Tillison (Superbowl VII Champion)
Joe Testerman (Superbowl VI Champion)
Lee Sphar (Superbowl V Champion)
Michael Moser (Superbowl IV Champion)
Ezzy (Superbowl III Champion)
Scott McCallom (Superbowl II Champion)
Dave Pelto (Superbowl I Champion)

PFL Superbowl Results:
Superbowl I (Philadelphia Eagles 23 Miami Dolphins 17) Champion: Dave Pelto
Superbowl II (Pittsburgh Steelers 12 St. Louis Rams 7) Champion: Scott McCallom
Superbowl III (Pittsburgh Steelers 21 St. Louis Rams 3) Champion: Ezzy
Superbowl IV (San Francisco 49ers 48 Seattle Seahawks 40) Champion: Mike Moser
Superbowl V (Atlanta Falcons 28 Pittsburgh Steelers 5) Champion: Lee Sphar
Superbowl VI (St. Louis Rams 49 Cincinnati Bengals 31) Champion: Joe Testerman
Superbowl VII (New England Patriots 45 Green Bay Packers 21) Champion: Kyle Tillison
Superbowl VIII (Green Bay Packers 48 New York Jets 41) Champion: Jim Kargen
Superbowl IX (Seattle Seahawks 41 Pittsburgh Steelers 38) Champion: Rick Kerns
Superbowl X (Pittsburgh Steelers 33 Carolina Panthers 10) Champion: Kyle Croft
Superbowl XI (Tampa Buccaneers 35 Indianapolis Colts 28) Champion: Adam Spencer
Superbowl XII (San Francisco 49ers 35 Oakland Raiders 20) Champion: Kyle Croft
Superbowl XIII (Baltimore Ravens 36 Atlanta Falcons 31) Champion: Paul Preheim
Superbowl XIV (Tampa Bay Buccaneers 22 Cleveland Browns 11) Champion: Jim Gamble
Superbowl XV (New England Patriots 38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 33) Champion: Wayne Dupree
Superbowl XVI (Miami Dolphins 43 New York Giants 23) Champion: Jim Hatzis
Superbowl XVII (New York Giants 16 Miami Dolphins 12) Champion: Andrew Torres
Superbowl XVIII (Miami Dolphins 34 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9) Champion: Jim Hatzis
Superbowl XIX (San Francisco 49ers 34 Miami Dolphins 30) Champion: Kyle Croft
Superbowl XX (Miami Dolphins 28 San Francisco 49ers 15) Champion: Jim Hatzis
Superbowl XXI (San Francisco 49ers 24 Pittsburgh Steelers 10) Champion: Dan Kipfer
Superbowl XXII (New Orleans Saints 17 Indianapolis Colts 10) Champion: John Whalen
Superbowl XXIII (New Orleans Saints 41 Denver Broncos 13) Champion: John Whalen
Superbowl XXIV (Pittsburgh Steelers 23 St. Louis Rams 9) Champion: Mike Ryan
Superbowl XXV (Buffalo Bills 34 St. Louis Rams 3) Champion: Cory Ward
Superbowl XXVI (Detroit Lions 27 Buffalo Bills 24) Champion: Jim Hatzis
Superbowl XXVII (Baltimore Ravens 20 New York Giants 9) Champion: Dan Kipfer
Superbowl XXVIII (Green Bay Packers 19 Miami Dolphins 10) Champion: Omari Smith
Superbowl XXIX (Green Bay Packers 27 Jacksonville Jaguars 9) Champion: Omari Smith
Superbowl XXX (Pittsburgh Steelers 26 Green Bay Packers 20) Champion: Jim Hatzis
Superbowl XXXI (Baltimore Ravens 19 Minnesota Vikings 17) Champion: Mike Goodman
Superbowl XXXII (Carolina Panthers 14 Pittsburgh Steelers 10) Champion: Mike Kleinknecht
Superbowl XXXIII (Carolina Panthers 26 Indianapolis Colts 13) Champion: Kenyahte Daniels
Superbowl XXXIV (Denver Broncos 20 San Francisco 49ers 3) Champion: Mike Smurthwaite
Superbowl XXXV (New Orleans Saints 16 Indianapolis Colts 13) Champion: Jordan Goodman

PFL Superbowl Team Win/Loss Records:
Pittsburgh Steelers 5-3
Miami Dolphins 3-4
San Francisco 49ers 4-1
Green Bay Packers 3-2
St. Louis Rams 1-4
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2
Indianapolis Colts 0-4
New Orleans Saints 3-0
Baltimore Ravens 3-0
Carolina Panthers 2-1
New York Giants 1-2
Indianapolis Colts 0-3
New England Patriots 2-0
New Orleans Saints 3-0
Atlanta Falcons 1-1
Buffalo Bills 1-1
Denver Broncos 1-1
Seattle Seahawks 1-1
Detroit Lions 1-0
Philadelphia Eagles 1-0
Cincinnati Bengals 0-1
Cleveland Browns 0-1
New York Jets 0-1
Oakland Raiders 0-1
Jacksonville Jaguars 0-1
Minnesota Vikings 0-1
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