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Paydirt Football League Articles

By Michael Ryan
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Steelers at Ravens
Steelers are coming off a big win over the Lions and will do anything to win...within the rules of course. Ravens got their first win last week ...can they make it two in a row?
Steelers 24 Ravens 13

Patriots at Jaguars
Patriots put it all together last week dominating the Falcons while the Jaguars might be looking forward to the up coming draft. Patriots need this one if they want any shot at the playoffs.
Patriots 27 Jags 14

Seahawks at Bears
Both teams are 4-2 so this is a big game in the NFC . The Bears were helped last week with the Steelers taking down the Lions but the Lions wont lose many games. Seahawks are in a similar position looking up at the Rams. Great game.
Seahawks 20 BEars 19

Giants at Cowboys
What is up with the Cowboys? Five losses in a row and back comes the Gmen who look to sweep the Boys. Len wants some change.
Giants 24 Cowboys 16

Panthers at REdskins
The Panthers are in Hanks usual spot...vying for the #1 pick while Hanks Skins are 3-3 and looking like a tough team to beat. Seven games in and Hank is over .500? Kudos to an always classy coach.
Redskins 23 Panthers 17

Vikings at Packers
The Vikings play tough defense week in and week out but the offense just doesn't have the horses to compete against the big boys. Packers don't have the offense to out run the Vikings.
Vikings 13 Packers 12

Bills at Titans
I might be mistaken but aren't these two coaches related somehow? A little family rivalry? Both teams have enjoyed some success but have glaring holes. Whoever exploits those holes wins this game. ....IP or stop over...
Bills 20 Titans 17

49ers at Lions

Lions undefeated season was ended by the no nonsense Steelers so Doc will look to take his frustration out on his old team the 49ers. 49ers use Iform double wr set PA pass and shock the Lions.
49ers 24 Lions 16

Jets vs Buccanneers
Is Buck back yet? Last week his team played some defense but reports are Winslow was screaming get me the damn ball as he only had 6 catches. All depends on if Buck is back . If Buck coaches then Bucs win if not then its a toss up.
Bucs 20 Jets 16

Dolphins at Colts
Both teams won last week and will be looking to get a streak going. Dolphins are so banged up the waterboy might have to play. Now that's some high quality H2O !
Colts 23 Dolphins 13

Chiefs at Broncos
Coach Frob has done a decent job without AP but I think he will need him in this one as the Chiefs like to stack the line and use different packages to get Pete Nixon interceptions. If Frob can get the running game going he has a shot.
Chiefs 28 Broncos 24

Texans at Cardinals
What is up with the Texans? This team is usually fighting for playoff spots but this year they might have a first round pick in the top 5. Tex you there buddy?
Cardinals 16 Texans 13

Saints at Falcons
Big game for both teams . A Saints loss would probably knock them out of the race while a Falcon win would keep them right in the thick of things. Saints tighten things up.
Saints 24 Falcons 23

Bengals at Chargers

Question of the Day. IS he killing it or trying to make a new race? Can Jerrys Chargers unleash the offensive firepower and hang with Paul's Bengals? I would like to hope so but probably not going to happen.
Bengals 38 Chargers 20

Sorry so late but I was at the Lake all weekend and it was Fathers Day weekend...that's my story and I am sticking to it!!! Good Luck this week as things are starting to heat up and we don't have a undefeated team left. Have Fun!!!!!
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Paydirt Football League Articles