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PFL 25TH Season Pick Game of the Week #8
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

This week, we are going to take a look at the Redskin, Panther game. The Skins are off to a 3-3 start this season, while the Panthers have taken a page out of the Redskins book from past seasons and are dragging a 0-6 record into this game.
Looking at the Redskins, QB K. Kelly is not having what you would call a banner year, 49% rating, but he has thrown more td's 6, than intercepts 5. Looks like Hank is keeping a handle on the passing game, while going more to the running game with HB F. Gross averaging 3.8 yrds a carry and HB T. Richardson carrying the rock for 7.08 yrds a carry. The top WR for the Skins is 5'9 tall B.R. Valentine, who uses his leaping ability to average 21.72 yrds a catch.
It looks like Hank has the defense playing tough this season as the pass defense has collected 14 intercepts and 4 fumble recoveries so far this season. But the Skins have only managed to get to the opposing quarterback 3 times so far.
Going into this game the Skins offense is averaging 21.5 pts a game while the defense is giving up 20.2 pts a game.

Looking at he 0-6 Panthers, its the much traveled QB C. Palmer who is at the helm for the black cats. Palmer has managed to achieve 81.7 % rating this season. Leading the way in the running game is HB K. Moreno who has alot of mileage of his own having been with the Broncos, and Patriots before landing in Carolina. The Panthers also have HB "Biff" Walker who should get more carries than he does. At 6'1" 234 lbs and nice speed at 93 along with BTK of 90 he should be pounding between the tackles softening up defenses and making them tired. The O-Line has only given up 9 sacks so far this season. When your TE is your leading receiver , there is a major problem with the passing game.
On defense the Panthers have 7 total takeaways this season, and are giving up an average of 28.8 pts a game, while the offense cant keep pace averaging just 20 pts a game.
The Panthers have had so many coaching changes over the past few seasons that the front office has had a rotating door installed for convenience.

The Game: Look for this game to be close , with the Redskins kicking a last second field goal for the win.
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Paydirt Football League Articles