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PFL 25TH Season Pick Game of the Week #12
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Week 12 brings us the match up between the Rams (9-1) and Colts (3-7). Lets take a look at the Rams first.
Looking over the Rams the first thing that stands out, is the linebackers. It looks like an Ohio State Buckeye alumni reunion with MLB J. Laurinaitis , LOLB B. Carpenter, ROLB B. Rolle and even back up LOLB L. Grant. And if that doesnt prove that Mike has gone "bucknuts" there is another scarlet and gray graduate at RE in C. Heyward. The linebacking corp has accumulated 8 sacks between them. The defensive secondary is very capable , but they dont have alot of interceptions. Overall, on defense the Rams seem to have the so called "bend but dont break" type.
On offense the O-line does a nice job of protecting the ageless QB D. Brees who at 36 is carrying a 86.9% qb rating. HB J. Carter is chipping in a 4 yrd per carry on offense. The Rams have two big targets for Brees to throw to, in WR S. Hill 6'4" with 579 receiving yrds and WR C. Stevens 6'2" with 558 yrds receiving.

Looking at the Colts , all that comes to mind are the words, overhaul, rebuild. First of all, there is a major quarterback need in Indy. With two quarterbacks sharing time, it looks like J. Clausen is leading the two with a 67% qb rating while completing only 43% of his passes, with C.J. Johnson not far behind at 60% qb rating and a blistering 41% completion rate. The Colts have a need for speed at the WR position. That may help the passing game alot. WR P. Garon is leading the way with 33 catches for 574 yrds. Now for the O-line, these guys should be receiving their social security checks anytime now. The Colts management will have to really hustle to replace the big ugly's up front before they retire.
On defense the bright spot would have to be LE J. Hughs with 6 sacks. The Colts are in the AFC South where their 3-7 record is holding down 2nd place at this time.

Overall game scenario - This game will look like an old timers game , if you just watch the Colts. Rams win this one by alot.
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Paydirt Football League Articles