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2016 Rookie CB Performance
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

I always find myself thinking how can you tell if your CB's are performing. I know the system I am using is not perfect but at least it gives me some sort of indication on how they are playing. I wanted to check the CB's performance from last years rookie class. I decided to only do 1st round picks. To easily get the raw numbers below, I simply multiplied INTs x 2, added that number to the total deflections (reasoning an INT was twice as good as a deflection). Then I divided the total catches allowed by the INT/deflection number. So for example, if someone has 5 INTs, 20 deflections and 30 catches allowed, I added 10 (5 INTs x 2) + 20 and divided 30 by 30, coming up with a score of 1.00. The lower the score the better. The higher the score, the less efficient a Corner is. Once you get to scores over 2.000, you likely have a Corner who isnít doing a very good job.

Here are the rankings I came up with from the 2016 1st round draft class

1. Byron Jones, DAL (CB Efficiency rating of.750) Drafted 1.25
2. Marcus Peters, DEN (CB efficiency rating of 1.44) Drafted 1.19
3. Trae Waynes, WAS(CB efficiency rating of 2.66) Drafted 1.3

Going by the data pulled it appears that CB Jones from the Cowboys to so far be atop as far as efficiency rating for the rookies that were drafted from the first round. I will need to see where the Cowboys have him in the depth chart as well. This low rating tells me that its possible he does not see the field that much but when he does get some playing time, so far he is making the most out of it.

CB Waynes efficiency rating of 2.66 tells me that he has struggled in coverage. Again I do not know what system he plays in, I am just pulling data. It is typical for rookie CB's to struggle as well and I will update this probable near the end of the year to get final numbers. I would expect since he is a rookie for his efficiency rating to be in the 2's.....

I am thinking of doing a top 10 CB list to find who the elite CB's are in the league but wanted to start with a smaller scope
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Paydirt Football League Articles