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PFL's Top 10 CB Efficiency
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Going by the same rules as I did in another post I Decided to find out who the top most efficient CB's are in the PFL. Below are the top 10.

The requirements was they had to have at least 10 DFL to get on this list.

1. Tim Jefferson- CIN-(.105) WOW!!!
2. D.J. Hayden- CIN(.200) 2 elite CB's on same team!!!!
3. Chris Atkinson- BAL(.412)
4. Justin Gilbert-SEA(.522)
5. Elijah Goodrich-OAK(.727)
6. Jamell Fleming-ARI(.762)
7. Richard Sherman-HOU(.786)
8. Todd Griffin-GB(.786)
9. Johnny Patrick-TB(.846)
10. Brandon Harris-PHI(.895)

I am on my way home from work but it was interesting that Tampa Bays CB Patrick who led this group with 8 ints did not make the Top 5. It just goes to show that getting interceptions, while they are nice, is just one phase to a CB and not the only phase to look at

I was a bit surprised to see a single team have both the #1 and #2 most efficient cornerbacks. The first thought that went through my mind is the Bengals must play a lot of zone. Still, to have what I think are the two best efficient players at a skill position is for sure a dream come true.

The AFC North division has 3 of the top 10 efficient CB's playing in the division. It was the most by any division.

I will update this post every so often and see how much it changes. later tonight I will add honorable mentions because they are still CB's that are close to making my top 10 list

Feel free to discuss
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