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PFL 2016 Offensive First Rounder's Workload
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

I thought it would be cool to find out exactly how much teams were relying on their 2016 PFL first round draft picks. I wanted to find out what percentage of the offense the guys were carrying for their teams. With all that being said, I broke down all 1st round QB, RB and WR. There were no TE's selected in the 2016 first round. Obviously the higher the picks the more responsibility I would have thought to carry the burden or workload they would pick up. The following is what the rankings revealed.

1. 1.27 QB Mariota (SF) (Responsible for 49% of teams offense)
2. 1.1 HB Gurley (CLE) (Responsible for 31% of teams offense)
3. 1.4 WR White (CAR) (Responsible for 21% of teams offense)
4. 1.22 HB Abullah (OAK) (Responsible for 21% of teams offense)
5. 1.8 HB Gordon (CIN) (Responsible for 19% of teams offense)
6. 1.5 WR Cooper (SD) (Responsible for 18% of teams offense)
7. 1.6 WR Parker (KC) (Responsible for 7% of teams offense)
8. 1.26 WR Agholor (KC) (Responsible for 4% of teams offense)
9.1.2 QB Winston (ATL) (Responsible for 4% of teams offense)

Mariota is the starter in SF while Winston is on the sit and learn approach. Winston is the backup in ATL behind Mike Glennon.

The Chiefs I have to believe was expecting to get a bit more out of the two wide receivers that they took in the first round. There are only so many footballs to go around but when you add both of the receivers workload it adds up to 11%, which is 8% lower than anyone else in the first round.

I think 1.1 HB Gurley who is currently responsible for 31% of the Browns offense is amazing. He is not only rushing the ball but he also have over 100 yards in receiving. He is showing he was well worth the 1.1 pick

Anyway it was fun to discover the numbers!
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