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The Football Life of Colt Montana
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

A Football life featuring QB Colt Montana

Being Colt Montana has it shares of ups and downs. From the moment he was drafted there were high expectations being expected of him. From his Superbowl wins and his Superbowl loses, Colt Montana has seen his shares of ups and downs.

It was the offseason of 2007 the New Orleans Saints went into the offseason with Drew Bree’s as their quarterback. The decisions made in that offseason by GM Wayne Dupree would forever change the history of the PFL and started the rise of the New Orleans Saints and ultimately led to the fall of the New Orleans Saints. We begin our story just prior to the draft of 2008.

With the NFL Draft coming up, the New Orleans Saints had QB Drew Brees at the helm. Everything was expected to be a smooth offseason until one day when the Philadelphia Eagles called the Saints to see if they would be interested in shipping the outstanding QB Drew Brees to the Eagles for the Eagles 1st round pick. The decision was made and the Saints agreed to send QB Brees to the Eagles for the first pick in the 2008 PFL draft. It was a bold decision to move such a great quarterback going into the 2008 PFL season but GM Dupree stood by his decision and the whole time was excited about a QB coming out of Colorado to take the reins down in the Big Easy and guide the Saints team. So when the Saints went on the clock, they wasted no time in selecting Colt Montana at 1.1. It was a very gutsy move that paid off. He would be the starter of opening night of the 2008 PFL season.

The 2008 season started off for Colt Montana needing a big comeback in the 4th quarter against the Raiders. The Saints would score 21 points in the 4th to give Colt Montana his very first PFL win. Late in the season, the Saints had a un expected change at the helm of the organization as GM Wayne Dupree was let go and John Whalen was brought on board. The wins that season just kept coming and at seasons end the PFL saw the Saints finish the season with a 12-4 record. Colt Montana went into the playoffs after a very successful 2008 season campaign. The playoffs would prove to be his toughest test to date. The first test was against the Vikings team. The Saints didn’t ask for much from him but he delivered with 189 yards and 1 td. Little did the Saints know it would be his only touchdown of the postseason.. The Saint beat the Vikings 24-23 and would head onto the NFC Championship game. Colt Montana would face a very tough Dallas Cowboys team. In the game against the Cowboys he threw 2 ints but the Saints were able to still manage to win the game 16-7. Yes the Saints were headed to the Superbowl XXII with a rookie QB at the helm. They faced off Superbowl XXII against the Indianapolis Colts. Colt Montana did not play great throwing 2 more Ints but the Saints were able to overcome the mistakes and win Superbowl XXII with a 17-10 win over the Colts. Colt Montana’s rookie season final numbers would end up with some of the top numbers ever put up by a rookie QB. He passed for 4,737 yards, which is 3rd all time for a rookie season. He threw 29 Td’s which also is 3rd best in PFL history for rookies. But most of all he was a Superbowl champion!

In 2009, the Saints just continued to win games. John Whalen guided the team and Colt Montana to a 13-3 season and again into the playoffs. This time though, Colt Montana was up to the challenge of the playoffs and played his best football of any year in these playoffs. The Saints got passed the Seahawks (27-11) and in the NFC Championship steam rolled passed the Eagles (34-9). That NFC Championship game was a big for Colt Montana because he was able to take down Drew Brees, you know the guy the Saints traded away to snatch up Colt Montana in the first place. Superbowl XXIII, Colt Montana faced a Broncos team that he just lit up on Superbowl Sunday. The Saints easily won the game 41-13 over the Broncos and Colt Montana had just won his 2nd Superbowl in as many tries. The word dynasty was used as they had a great quarterback that just seemed to know how to win. Colt Montana’s numbers for 2009 were 32td’s, 3,934 yards.

Heading into the 2010 Saints season the expectation would be nothing less than a 3peat. The Saints steam rolled the competition in the regular season and finished the regular season at 15-1. They found out this wasn’t another ordinary playoff run and was tested right off the bat in divisional game against the Packers. The Saints were able to survive with a 34-31 win over the Packers and for the third straight year, they were going to the NFC Championship game. It also was against the Saints fellow QB Drew Brees. Drew Brees and the Rams outplayed the Saints in the NFC Championship game and took down a team that just seemed that destiny would have them in the Superbowl again. The Rams won the game 27-20 and sent shockwaves throughout the PFL. Little did Montana know he would not sniff any playoffs for years to come...

There were a lot of changes to the Saints before the 2011 season. John Whalen retired and the Saints brought in a new guy named Dave Dawson. High expectations of the winning organization was still expected but the 2011 season was not the year of the Saints. They finished 6-10 on the season and for the first time in his career, Montana would miss out on the playoffs. He also saw a big drop in his production as he managed to throw for 2,242 yards and 15tds.

As one season ends, another one begins and the 2012 season for the Saints showed just and improvement of just 1 win and they finished 7-9 on the season and missed out again on the playoffs. His performance that season saw his toss for 2685 yards and 12td’s.

The 2013 season was the breaking point of this relationship. The Saints finished 3-13 that season and everyone knew that changes would be expected and changes would be coming. He finished the 2013 season with only 2,381 yards on 11 tds.

In the 2014 offseason, the Jags would make a call to the Saints and work a deal to send CB Pete Nixon, QB Zac Dysert and TE Ladarius Green to the Saints in exchange for QB Colt Montana, CB Gary Roberts and the Saints 4th round pick. Dave Dawson of the Saints accepted the trade and sent Montana to Jacksonville. Colt was happy to get a fresh start with a new team as we wanted to get back to the player he was in his first 3 season in the PFL. The 2014 season would be yet another season he would soon want to forget about. The Jags finished 3-13 and Colt wondered if he would ever regain his form. GM Sean Tibbs knew it would take a season to get him settled back in and kept working him. The 2014 seen Montana throw 23td’s and 2,981 yards. His best stats since the 2010 season so there was hope going into the 2015 season the Jags would rebound.

The 2015 season would see the Jags turn it around and Montana as well. The Jags finished the season 10-5-1 and yes finally Montana would make it back to a place he had not seen in 5 years. The playoffs! The Jags did not waste the opportunity as they disposed of the Steelers in the wildcard game 34-9, beat a Texans team 31-20 in the divisional round that set them up on a date to play the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship game. The Jags crushed the Bills 37-17 and Montana finally once again was headed to the Superbowl. Their opponent in Superbowl XXXVIII would be the Green Bay Packers. The defense of the Packers kept the Jags in check and the Packers would win Superbowl XXXVIII 27-9. As the season closed, Montana’s stats for 2015 would be 14td’s and 2,741 yards and yes happy to be again apart of the postseason.

As we look over the career of Colt Montana a few things stick out. He does rank 8th all-time in the PFL in passing yards with 26,382 yards. He has thrown 164 touchdowns. Which is 5th best all time in PFL history. He has won 2 Superbowls, has played in 4 Conference championship games and has been on the NFC and AFC team representatives for the Superbowl. While Colt started the PFL with championships, he realized just how hard it was to get to the Superbowl or heck even the playoffs and now has great respect and motivation to continue to push himself and his Jags team back to the Superbowl. He learned how quickly things can turn in the PFL and now takes each game and each season not for granted.

I hope everyone enjoys the article and the history that Colt Montana has with the PFL and how much a PFL icon this guy is. Until next time gentlemen!
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