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Paydirt Football League Articles

Early Top 10 mock
By Mike Goodman
Special to paydirtfootball.com

This is just my opinion on how the drafts first 10 picks could go.

1.1- Indianapolis Colts- WR Tyrell Williams- The Colts went all in this off season to move up to select this WR. He has the height, speed unseen at that height and is an immediate upgrade from last years receiving core. If you take his height, speed, acc, agility there is nobody else like him in this league and the guy is already a stud.

1.2- Arizona Cardinals- WR Quincy Enunwa- A solid pick here for the Cardinals. They have to get weapons for Goff to take over either this year or next year. He has the speed and height and all the other great things you look for in a wide receiver. You want to run the ball his way....he is up for the task as he is an outsanding run blocker with a 63 RBK. This is just the weapon the Cards need and we feel he would be excellent fit long term for the Cards.

1.3- Tampa Bay Bucs- WR Cameron Meredith- I was torn between two players at this pick. The Bucs have been shopping some picks and I feel with just 2 wide receivers on his roster he takes this wideout. Has the size and all the speed in the world and is a great player. The biggest risk is he is injury prone but if he can stay healthy this kid will be flat out amazing and we know the Bucs know how to get the most out of the WR and TE position.

1.4- Chicago Bears-CB LaDarius Gunter- The Bears roster of corner backs are in bad shape. They are slow. With new ownership in Chicago I look for Lynch to address the defensive side first and ohh boy would he get a stud at CB. 6'2" with outstanding speed and coverage ability. This guy is a lock down corner. With receivers getting taller and faster it is almost a must that you have a CB like this that can take your opponents big weapon away.

1.5- New England Patriots- HB Isaiah Crowell- HB Cecil Tate has had a great run but age is catching up to him. I believe the Patriots will go running back at this position. I dont think this selection disappoints either as he is getting a back that has all the skills you look for. He has that big frame of 225lbs that will hit people like a big Mack truck. He also has that speed where at any time he could take a run to the house. Big play making ability and I dont see the Patriots passing up that opportunity.

1.6- Houston Texans- CB Quandre Diggs- Texans have to address their CB situations. The guys on the team are flat out slow with the exception of CB Sherman. This CB played along with Sherman would keep the Texans a hell of a 1-2 CB combo. Diggs is 6'0" and is strong and already pretty smart. He has the speed and he is a ball hawk that could instantly upgrade the Texans corner back position.

1.7- Philadelphia Eagles- LOLB Jermane Floyd- The Eagles have a ton of depth at LOLB but none of them even compare to this LOLB. Instant day one starter. He has the speed to stay with the best Te's in the league. He has outstanding agility so he can get in and out of cuts with losing speed. This guys will set the left side of his defense for years to come and will wreck havoc on the other teams offensive line. If he is selected here then Eagles will need to move those old slow guys to make room for this beast.

1.8- Cleveland Browns- MLB Mark Willis- New ownership in town now. The first thing I believe Pigskin will want to do is get his defense setup. His current MLB is just too slow to compete and father time has caught up with him. He gets the top rated MLB on the board. The guy has oustanding strength that can just shred blockers and he has the speed to chase down the ball. The only knock on this kid would be his height. He is 5'11" MLB. If i recall Pigskin runs a 3-4 and he is a perfect fit for that scheme. Instant day one starter and a play maker.

1.9- Miami Dolphins- FS Andrew Adams- Dolphins current FS Moore can longer perform at this high level. He has speed like a snail. He has had a great career but its time to insert a young much much better FS. He can shut down the vertical pass game that opponents will try. Has decent size but has outstanding quickness. He is another ball hawk type of player. He could take away the deep threat on his side of the field easily and could make you pay for trying to even attempt throwing deep on him with snagging interceptions.

1.10- Washington Redskins- ROLB Devon Kennard- The current group on the skins roster are just old and lack speed and play making ability. This kid i have ranked as the number 1 rated ROLB. He has great size for a OLB that can cover any TE in the league. He has an elite top gear and also has an explosive first step. Instant upgrade and instant starter and will give the Skins a ROLB that will solidify that position for the next 8-10 years. There isn't much this ROLB can not do as he does everything but he can do everything very well.

This is just my opinion and always fun to try and predict what could happen. It would be awesome if someone else would take 11-20 or so and then we can look back and see how it played out on draft night. Also if anyone has any comments please feel free to leave them
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Paydirt Football League Articles