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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 1 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Jets @ Bills
Did the Jets improve in the offseason? Does Walsh Jr. make the Bills competitvie this season? Questions for the new season. The Jets have improved more in the off season than the Bills. So the Jets fly high in the first week.
Jets 24 Bills 14

Panthers @ Falcons
So what does a 275 lb Falcon say, "Here kitty, kitty." Falcons win in the first week.
Falcons 30 Panthers 20

Cowboys @ Redskins
The Cowboys tried their best to dump QB Romo in the off season but couldnt get rid of him. So Len has to tolerate Romo for another season. The Redskins are putting on the war paint, and the Boys are putting on their guns, ill take a gun over paint anytime.
Cowboys 27 Redskins 14

49ers @ Rams
The Niners made some big off season moves, one was shipping their Super Bowl winning QB Bradford off to the Bengals. Both the Niners and the Rams made their top pick in the draft a quarterback. So who will be the best QB in this game? Who knows! The Niners pull out a win in a close one.
Niners 20 Rams 17

Jags @ Ravens
The Ravens picked up HB J. Best in the offseason to help with the running game, as they have some young talent at the WR spot. The Jags made some big moves in the off season picking up veteran QB Brady and HB Gore. The Jags secondary will be tested early and often by Ravens QB Flaco. The Jags pull a few feathers out of the Ravens this week.
Jags 28 Ravens 21

Cardinals @ Packers
The Red Birds travel to take on the Cheese heads. The Cardinals tried about as hard to trade QB Cassel as the Cowboys did Romo. But Cassel is still in Arizona. The Cards picked up MLB Hawk, which will help them up the middle on defense. The Packers are solid this season, plus they picked up one of the top HB's in the draft. The Cardinals shake a tail feather, but the Packers win the game.
Packers 31 Cardinals 17

Colts @ Lions
The Colts and Lions square off in this one. The Lions have top notch DT Suh. The Colts have guys by the name of Manning, Wayne, Garcon, Sanders. The Colts have more big names than the Lions. Colts take this one.
Colts 28 Lions 17

Texans @ Bears
Its hunting season and the Texans are looking for a Bear hide. The Bears are looking to hibernate.
Texans 20 Bears 14

Raiders @ Saints
Duper shipped out Brees and is entrusting his team to a rookie quarterback this season. The Saints fans better remember there will be growing pains with the rookie quarterback. The Raiders picked up one of the top and possibly the fastest WR in the draft ,not to mention a top CB. Duper will wear his rookie quarterbacks arm out in this one.
Saints 27 Raiders 10

Steelers @ Titans
Steelers too much for the Titans
Steelers 30 Ttians 14

Chiefs @ Bucs
Hoggie starts off the season with a win.
Chiefs 21 Bucs 10

Chargers @ Broncos
Jerry started off strong last year, will he do the same this season. The Broncos will keep the Bolts from winning their first game.
Broncos 27 Charges 17

Vikings @ Giants
The Vikings have QB Palmer this season will that be enough to get Scottie over the hump. Booey and the Giants stop the Vikes in this one.
Giants 21 Vikings 20

Eagles @ Seahawks
Battle of the birds. Seahawks ruffle the feathers of the Eagles
Seahawks 17 Eagles 7

Patriots @ Dolphins
Big first game for both teams. Wiggy needs more help than he got this off season. Phins take the win.
Dolphins 28 Patriots 14

Bengals @ Browns
This should be a close game. Both teams need to start the season off on a good note. The Bengals are trying out a new QB. As QB Bradford goes, so goes the Bengals this season. The Browns are at home with the dawg pound screaming all game long.
Browns 20 Bengals 17

Good luck to all teams and have fun!
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