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Season XXII Week 3 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

First i would like to say i found a small crack in my crystal ball , must have been the reason i was 7-9 in week 2. Alot of close and low scoring games week 2. "Nail Biters" as Jim put it. Lets see whats in store for Week 3.

Ravens @ Eagles
The Eagles got a big win last week against the Giants. Ravens slipped by the Bengals week two. The Black Birds pull out the win in this one.
Ravens 21 Eagles 17

Saints @ Bears
Duper has the Saints marching on, while the Bears havent shown much so far. Will the Bears wake up in week 3? The Bears make a game of it, but the Saints go to 3-0.
Saints 31 Bears 27

49ers @ Dolphins
This probably will be the game of the week. This will be the first real test for the Niners this season going up against Jim's Phins. With some change in personel this season, the Niners are still finding their way and have did well in first two games. But the Dolphins are not the Rams or the Bills. Flipper wins this one.
Dolphins 28 49ers 14

Cardinals @ Patriots
The red birds let me down last week, and Wiggy's Pats got a much needed win. Patriots go hunting and shoot down the red birds.
Patriots 20 Cardinals 10

Lions @ Vikings
Scotty likes it when his team is picked to lose :D . The Lions bit off more than they could chew last week. These two coaches play each other tough. Has Palmer really made the Vikes that much better? Im just going to pick the Vikes this week just to see what happens. Twisted Evil
Vikings 30 Lions 21

Jags @ Texans
The Texans are looking to add a Jaguar to their trophy room.
Texans 17 Jags 14

Redskins @ Rams
The Rams are looking for something or someone to butt heads with. The Redskins just happen to be handy.
Rams 27 Redskins 14

Steelers @ Browns
The Steelers are winning by the skin of their teeth. The Browns are looking to be competitive this season in the AFC North. The Dawg Pound will be in full force this week. Upset special !
Browns 20 Steelers 17

Packers @ Falcons
The Pack and the Falcons are both 0-2 thus far. Who will pull out of the slump? The Falcons will put the Pack on their back in this one.
Falcons 30 Packers 17

Jets @ Broncos
The Jets are flying high so far. The Broncos got rode hard last week. Frob will ground the Jets this week.
Broncos 20 Jets 17

Bucs @ Chargers
So whats up with Jerry's Chargers? Has Jerry been taking them out on the town too much? Is Jerry making them listen to his own music CD before every game? Both teams are looking for their first win. Chargers break thru first.
Chargers 30 Bucs 21

Panthers @ Raiders
The black cats travel into the black abyss of Raider stadium. Home field advantage makes the difference in this one. Tina's Raiders get their first win.
Raiders 20 Panthers 17

Bengals @ Giants
The Bengals suffered a heart breaking loss last week. The Giants also lost to the Eagles. So which team will regroup and come to play this week. The Crystal Ball says its the Giants.
Giants 21 Bengals 10

Titans @ Colts
Jim had the Titans on track last week as he pulled out a win against Glen and the Lions. The Colts lost to the Lions in week one. Tough call, but ill take the Colts at home with Manning.
Colts 28 Titans 17

Hey, Hey, Lets be careful out there and have fun!
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