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Season XXII Week 4 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Well, a little super glue applied to the crack on my crystal ball helped this last week, as the Pickins was 9-4. Alot of new looks in the league this season as far as what teams are showing some muscle early in the season. Now for the picks.

Texans @ Colts
The Texans beat up on the Jags last week, and the Colts thrashed the Titans. Will Colts Manning have another good game? Will the Texans saddle the Colts? The Colts tell the Texans to "BUCK OFF".
Colts 24 Texans 17

49ers @ Vikings
The Niners gave Jim's Phins an early season loss and Scottie's Vikes are on a roll. Niners HB Jone-Drew has been instrumental in their 3-0 start while their rookie QB is struggling. In Viking land QB Palmer has found a home. This will be a game of Running Backs. The edge goes to the Vikings cause of Palmer. Niners find out there is no gold in Minnesota.
Vikings 21 49ers 20

Patriots @ Bills
Walsh Jr. has been quiet this season and so have the Bills. Will there be a change in Buffalo ? Seems there maybe trouble in upper management which is flowing over on to the field. Mean while Wiggy has righted the ship after his first game loss to the Dolphins. Bills bite the bullet again.
Patriots 30 Bills 14

Browns @ Bengals
Rematch of week one , which the Bengals won in over time. Bengals are struggling , making mistakes costing them late in games. Browns are looking for revenge. Browns come into the "Jungle" and bag a Bengal.
Browns 20 Bengals 10

Packers @ Bears
Packers 0-3, Bears 0-3. Who knows about these two teams. Both teams were expected to be doing better. Do Bears like cheese? Yes they do!
Bears 21 Packers 14

Jags @ Titans
Both teams need a win to keep pace in this divisional game. Jags have HB Gore, Titans have HB Johnson. But Jags have the ace in the hole with QB Brady. Jags take a bite out of the Titans.
Jags 28 Titans 17

Panthers @ Bucs
Fish and the Bucs broke thru last week against the Chargers for their first win. The Panthers struggled against the Raiders. From a Raider to a Pirate, the black cats get stabbed again.
Bucs 20 Panthers 7

Cowboys @ Eagles
The Eagles keep singing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" , and the Boys have been squeaking by in their wins. The Cowboys cant find a way to saddle up an Eagle.
Eagles 30 Cowboys 17

Falcons @ Saints
The Birds invade Bourbon Street and get marched on by the Saints. Feathers go flying in New Orleans.
Saints 28 Falcons 14

Raiders @ Chiefs
Raiders got their first win last week, but the streak stops at one. Chiefs scalp the Raiders.
Chiefs 31 Raiders 10

Cardinals @ Seahawks
There is not enough paper to line the bottom of the stadium for this game. Once the feathers clear, the Cardinals have the most bare spots.
Seahawks 27 Cardinals 17

Rams @ Jets
The Jets are flying high and leading the AFC East Shocked . The Rams are playing tough. The Jets are grounded in this one. Rams upset Jets.
Rams 20 Jets 17

Broncos @ Chargers
We know whats wrong with Jerry Laughing But whats up with Frob this season? Broncos or Bolts, Broncos or Bolts? Crystal ball is getting foggy on this one. Hmm looks like Broncos.
Broncos 30 Chargers 14

Giants @ Redskins
The Giants squeezed the stripes out of the Bengals last week. The Skins packed up the "tee pees" early last week. The Giants do the scalping this week.
Giants 28 Redskins 10

Good luck to all and have fun!
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