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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 5 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Packers @ Titans
The Gods of Thunder will send the Cheese Heads packing.
Titans 24 Packers 17

Bengals @ Colts
Hard for a Tiger to bring down a kicking Colt.
Colts 17 Bengals 10

Browns @ Ravens
The Brownies are on a roll, Ravens cant keep pace in the division.
Browns 27 Ravens 14

Giants @ Steelers
Will the Giants show up this week and knock down that "Steel Curtain?" Nope sorry Booey.
Steelers 28 Giants 21

Bills @ Dolphins
Not much to say here except. Bills go down again!
Dolphins 30 Bills 17

Lions @ Saints
Duper and the Saints keep right on marching! The Lions are acting like a big pussy cat.
Saints 27 Lions 14

Patriots @ Jets
Jets went down in flames last week, and Wiggy's Pats have won three straight. Jets turn and burn again.
Patriots 20 Jets 17

Cowboys @ Seahawks
Second week in a row the Boys have played a bird. The Seahawks are the target this week. Boys shoot down the Hawks.
Cowboys 13 Seahawks 10

Rams @ 49er's
The Rams upset the Jets last week, the Niners are 4-0. Where have we seen this story before? Hmm , just last week! Same result this week.
Rams 21 Niners 20

Redskins @ Cardinals
Will Hank get his first win this week? Thinking, thinking, think---ing-----ah NO.
Cardinals 17 Redskins 14

Chiefs @ Broncos
Chiefs are 3-0 , while Broncos pulled out a win against Jerry's Chargers last week. The good news is Frob got a win last week, the bad news is, he doesnt get to play the Chargers again this week.
Chiefs 30 Broncos 17

Bucs @ Raiders
What's the difference between a Buccaneer and a Raider? Not a damn thing, they are both 1-3. So who will get win number two. The Raiders at home.
Raiders 21 Bucs 10

Falcons @ Panthers
This is a match up from week one, with the Panthers taking care of the Falcons. The Panthers are playing at home, so they will make a meal of the Falcons once again.
Panthers 30 Falcons 24

Texans @ Vikings
Boths teams are playing good this season and both are 3-1. Since Scottie doesnt like for me to pick his Vikes to win. I won't Laughing
Texans 28 Vikings 21

Everyone play nice and have fun!
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Paydirt Football League Articles