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Paydirt Football League Articles

Season XXII Week 6 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Jets @ Titans
The Jets looked under the Christmas tree last week and the Patriots had given them a gift in the way of a win. So the Jets went looking again , and low and behold the Titans had sent a present too. Jets have a happy Christmas.
Jets 28 Titans 14

Chargers @ Patriots
The Patriots went shopping this week, looking for a win for Christmas, on the way out of Walmart, Wiggy was surprised to see Jerry ringing a bell, saying "Merry Christmas, help the Chargers." Wiggy gave a donation to Jerry, but it wasnt a win.
Patriots 30 Chargers 20

Bucs @ Rams
The Bucs got a their present last week vs the Raiders. The Rams lost to the Niners, so they are not in a giving mood this week.
Rams 21 Bucs 10

Colts @ Ravens
The Colts kicked the Bengals last week, and Ravens continued their losing ways. The Colts invite the Ravens to a passing party, and pass them on with another loss.
Colts 20 Ravens 10

Cowboys @ Giants
Its been like Christmas for the Cowboys so far this season. The Cowboys go to visit the Giants, looking to hear a little Christmas music, but all they hear being sung is " FE FI FO FUM, I SMELL THE BLOOD OF COWBOY BUM."
Giants 28 Cowboys 21

Texans @ Browns
The Texans stuck their spurs in the Vikings last week, and the Browns brought the Ravens home for Christmas dinner (on a platter). Those little Elves out of Cleveland are busy this time of the season, so they are too busy to think about football.
Texans 30 Browns 21

Chiefs @ Bills
There is plenty of snow in buffalo, but sorry to say no Santa Claus. No presents for the Bills this season.
Chiefs 31 Bills 17

Steelers @ Eagles
Mike and his Steelers are looking for a bird to stuff for Christmas dinner. Guess who is available this week ??
Steelers 27 Eagles 10

Bengals @ Redskins
The Bengals are looking everywhere for Santa, but havent been able to find him, so they sneak into the Redskins camp and steal some presents.
Bengals 17 Redskins 14

Seahawks @ 49ERS
The Seahawks fly into San Fran looking for Santa, but find out those guys in red suits are not handing out presents, they are handing out butt kickings.
49ers 30 Seahawks 17

Lions @ Falcons
Last week Santa was deciding who was naughty or nice in the Lions vs Saints game. This week he is checking his list twice. The Lions are too nice! The Falcons show Lions how to be naughty.
Falcons 21 Lions 17

Dolphins @ Raiders
The Dolphins will be delivering the Raiders their present from Santa and it matches their uniforms. Yep you guessed it, a lump of coal!
Dolphins 31 Raiders 14

Bears @ Jags
The Bears and Jags are looking under the tree for anything. They find one present, but who is it for? They look at the name tag and it reads: Merry Christmas Bears.
Bears 14 Jags 10

Saints @ Vikings
Scottie and the Vikings have laid out cookies for Santa, but the Saints are coming down the chimney like the Grinch. Duper steals eveything, including the win.
Saints 27 Vikings 20

Merry Christmas to all , and have fun!
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