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Season XXII Week 7 Picks
By Paul Davidson
Special to paydirtfootball.com

Well my crystal ball, has really been coming thru for me in the last couple of weeks, as it has given me two exact scores in a couple of games, plus this past week it helped me to a record of 10-4. Now for this weeks picks!

Rams @ Lions
The Lions have won 3 of 5 games, while the Rams have collected 4 of 6. The lions are leading their division, and are very hungry, but the Rams wont be a meal for the Lions.
Rams 27 Lions 20

Vikings @ Panthers
The Vikes have lost 3 games in a row. Smitty seems to have the Panthers going in the right direction. Panthers maul the Vikes in this one.
Panthers 30 Vikings 21

Ravens @ Steelers
Mikes blitzkreig Steelers, have been slipping by teams each week, they are just one less sack, or one more intercept from getting their first loss. But wont happen this week. Steelers bring the "steel curtain" down the those black birds.
Steelers 21 Ravens 10

Seahawks @ Giants
The Giants showed the Cowboys what a loss can feel like last week, while the Hawks lost their 3rd straight. Giants stomp the Seahawks.
Giants 28 Seahawks 17

Bucs @ Packers
Both of these teams are struggling this season. The Pack struggles less in this game.
Packers 17 Bucs 10

49ERS @ Redskins
The Redskins collected their first fur pelt last week against the Bengals, but the Niners brought along their own skinning knife for this one. Niners take some scalps of their own.
49ers 31 Redskins 17

Titans @ Browns
The Titans called down the thunder on the Jets last week in the form of Pat Devlin and Chris Johnson. That thunder is still rolling this week against the Brownies.
Titans 21 Browns 14

Patriots @ Chiefs
The Patriots squeaked by the Chargers last week, while the Chiefs pounded the Bills. Wig's Patriots will have to play mistake free this week to have a chance against the Chiefs. No such luck! The Chiefs have been on the war path and the Patriots become victim #5.
Chiefs 28 Patriots 17

Bears @ Colts
The Bears are looking for a lucky horse shoe to turn their season around. But they wont get any hand outs from the Colts.
Colts 21 Bears 17

Bills @ Cardinals
What could be worse than 0-5. Yep you guessed it 0-6. Bills go down to the red birds.
Cardinals 21 Bills 10

Chargers @ Raiders
Jerry's Chargers are win less so far. The Raiders are only 1 better. Will the Raiders contain the Lightening this week? Nope, Chargers break thru for their first win.
Chargers 17 Raiders 14

Texans @ Jags
The Jags dont think they get enough respect from the Crystal Ball. The Jags are 2-5. No wait make that 2-6, Texans corral the Jags.
Texans 28 Jags 20

Eagles @ Cowboys
Len's boys, didnt like the taste of losing to the Giants last week. Well the Eagles wont taste any better. Eagles fly by the Cowboys for revenge.
Eagles 20 Cowboys 14

Broncos @ Dolphins
Frob and the Broncos pulled out a big win last week against the Chiefs. But dont expect another big win this week Frob. Broncos make a game of it, but come up short.
Dolphins 27 Broncos 21

Bengals (bye week) At least they wont lose this week. Embarassed

Good luck to all, and HAVE FUN !
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Paydirt Football League Articles